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Two more days to go, but I thought you'd like to know...

Colleen Roy

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My husband and I will be finishing our first whole30 on Sunday. We decided to do a whole30 to get a grip on the sugar and crap demons that were keeping us awake, making us feel like crap more often than not and just to see if we could do it.

Happy to report that we have been successful-sleeping much better, feeling MUCH better-my energy is great, I'm not bloated or gassy, and today I went to the new Premium Outlet mall with a friend. I tried on a pair of size 12 pants, which is one size down from where I started. THEY WERE TOO BIG! Size 10-a little snug, but I have NEVER worn a size 10-at least not since I was a kid!

At another store, the size 10 was actually too big in the pants, but a size 10 skirt fit perfectly. WHAT? I don't know how much weight I've lost, and honestly, I don't care! (OK, that's a lie, I kind of want to know how much I've lost...) In the end, the number on the scale doesn't matter- my clothes fit better and I get to go back to school shopping for some new clothes that FIT the NEW me! :D

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