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Crunch and Munch


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Hi.  I'm on day 20 of my first whole 30 that I'm considering turning into a whole 60 - or maybe with just a few days off for my birthday.


So I think I'm doing good with most of the food, I know I still am eating too much fruit, but have been diligent with no added sugar and veggies all day and good coconut oil and ghee with almost every meal.  Most days especially in the office, I sail through to the next meal but sometimes I just want something really crunchy.  My downfall has been Bare Fruit Apple Chips - dried organic apples that are like some crazy drug.  So now I know I can't buy them because I'll eat them whether I'm hungry or not.  But I'm having trouble with something to munch.  My with lunch snacks have been green olives usually stuffed, cucumbers and salt, raw sliced turnips and salt, etc. (I also have a medical condition - a salt deficiency - I used to eat bullion cubes straight before getting diagnosed... don't ask, I know it's gross) So I can't see never having snacks again, but I am trying to keep them with the lunch time meal for the variety and to be sure I've had enough to eat (usually a vegetable soup with some sort of meat and some veggie leftovers from the night before - or true story chicken sausages if in a pinch.


Any suggestions, or are you going to tell me just to stay away from snacks overall?


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I am with you on the crispy snacks. I know we are trying hard not to snack but when everyone else is eating popcorn watching the movie you want to enjoy something as well.


How about Pork Rinds?


Also Nomnompaleo has some Paleo chips on her blog. http://nomnompaleo.com/post/41605570388/whole30-day-27-paleo-chips-including-a-new-recipe-for including mushroom chips and prosciutto chips.


She also has Paleo Trail mix http://nomnompaleo.com/post/1711206156/paleo-trail-mix  and Paleo Granola although this one may be too sweet for a Whole30 http://nomnompaleo.com/post/63395402592/tropical-paleo-granola



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Are you eating these items because you want crunch, or are you eating them to satisfy hunger?

Just be sure it's the latter. Your idea to build them into your meal is a good one.  To do so, pick crunchy items that fit into the meal template - will likely be part of your 1-3 cups of veggies per meal.

Here's a recent thread on crunchy foods: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/15301-crunchies/

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