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Question - Reintroduction after Whole30 with IBS Protocol


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I'm just finishing up my first Whole30, during which I also followed the IBS protocol/recommendations (no coffee, no nuts/seeds, no raw vegetables, no fruit with skins on). 


For my reintroduction, do I need to reintroduce each of these foods as a separate food category, in addition to reintroducing gluten and non-gluten grains, dairy and legumes? (ie. test coffee one day, then two days Whole30, test nuts/seeds, then two days Whole30, etc...). I've been fine without dairy/grains/legumes - but I've definitely missed being able to have raw veggies, coffee and nuts/seeds.


Would hugely appreciate a steer in the right direction, as I'm planning out my reintroduction schedule today!! 






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Yes. The response of your body to raw vegetables and fruit with skins may be small, but this is an opportunity to evaluate their impact that you don't want to miss. And we hear enough about digestive problems with coffee and nuts/seeds that you certainly want to assess their impact on your feelings. 

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