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Struggling with fats


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Hi Guys

I'm really struggling to get fats in all my meals, without falling into the trap of too many nuts.


Cashews have been my emergency fat in week 1 but I worry am I on the verge on eating too many nuts and not other good fats?


Can I eat nuts every day?


My food log is here - http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/16343-erins-whole30-log/


I do eat a lot of curry - so that has coconut milk which is good, and I've had a coconut milk coffee.. but then I worry I'm relying too heavily on coconut milk?


Avocado is quite expensive here in Australia.. and I don't love it.. so haven't bought any for this week.


I find the portions of oil challenging.. a thumb sized portion of coconut oil is A LOT! How do I get that into my poached chicken and raw veg lunch today??


Any advice?

Really struggling


Olives! I just remembered I had olives in the fridge here at work I can add to my lunch today.

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Olives are a great fat!  See how you answered your own question.  As for cooking fats, many people don't count those much and add at least a thumb of fat on top of what is cooked into the meal.


If you fear a problem with nuts, try to use them cooked into your meals and avoid them as a snack.  Cashews in a curry or sunshine sauce on a stir fry are examples.  


Sauces made from coconut milk and mayo-based sauces are also great options.

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Hmmm I think the answer seems to be more sauces and dips!

I eat a lot of raw vegetables (wasn't much of a cook before whole30).. and love raw vegetables..


Do I make mayo with olive oil and olive oil = good fat?


I also bought some organic tahini online, but basically not any good:

1) I've since read that regularly eating tahini not great due to "very high content of linoleic acid"

2) even though online the only ingredient was the pure sesame seeds, the jar says 'may contain traces of peanut'.. 

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I get fat from olive oil dressing I put on my salad.  I eat a lot of lettuce for my veg since it's easy and travels well in a zip lock bag.  I put a generous amount of olive oil on it  and feel pretty good about it!

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