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Hives/Rash after Milk Reintroduction


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Hi Whole 9 Community! I completed 6 weeks of Whole 30 and got on doing the Dairy reintroduction day, I broke out in this itchy rash after drinking a small glass of milk (see picture). I also had ice cream, and I got a rash, but it wasn't as blotchy as the rash from milk. Does anyone know why milk would bother me more than ice cream?

On a side note, I skin tested done from my allergy doctor for milk, and it turned out negative. Before I did Whole 30, I was pretty sure milk bothered me, and this seems to have confirmed it! Why did it turn out negative in the allergy test? 



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Milk always bothered me too. I always thought it was lactose intolerance, but I get the same reaction to lactose-free milk and dairy products with low or no lactose. I get less of a reaction to A2 milk (most milk is A1 protein or 50/50). Ice cream is frozen and usually it's diluted dairy, having other ingredients.


I get much sicker from milk and low fat dairy than high fat dairy, but they all make me feel pretty crappy. Organic butter and ghee are the best for me, but too much butter makes me sick. Some people have bigger reactions to milk due to what the cows eat, if they're also allergic to that too. Whether it's grass (grass allergy - some only get this in spring or hayfever season), soy, wheat or corn.


Dairy has dairy sugars like lactose, and dairy proteins (ghee has most of the protein removed) but it's also full of cow hormones. There's a long section about this in It Starts With Food :) 


Some people have more trouble with dairy as they have "leaky gut", but some of us become less dairy tolerant after we grow up, as milk is for raising baby mammals, growing them into big mammals.


Allergy tests aren't always accurate and they're usually testing a particular kind of allergy in a particular way (eg. scratch vs ingestion). If yours is a different kind of reaction, it won't show up in the test (antibody tests don't work on people who don't develop antibodies). 


Ghee or "butter oil" is very high in vitamin K2, which is often lacking in our diets. I'm pretty sure when I feel good from eating dairy, it's the K2, as I get it from liver too (also high in K2). Until Whole30 I thought I tolerated yoghurt very well, it turns out I really don't lol


As a heads up, some people with dairy trouble also have trouble with grains, in particular wheat.

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