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FodMaps ---- Getting Back on Track


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I fell off the wagon at Day 30... Yes... I did not make it through the day as I got a VERY bad gastrointestinal illness.


Right now I am on 2 antibiotics, and LOW fodmaps and just barely off my liquid only diet (clear fluids).


Today is my first day able to eat solids without severe cramping.


What I need to know is how I can deal with low fodmaps and return to my attempt at a Whole30.


The fruit will not be an issue as we cannot eat much fruit.


What is killing me is the "creamy"... I have tried working with coconut milk, but I think I may be allergic because everytime I eat food made with coconut milk, I get a numbness in my face and jaw.  It may just be in my head but I want a back up to be safe.


I cannot afford to make my own "milks", because of time and money.


It appears I may be able to use almond milk to make pumpkin "pie/pudding", or sauces, but I need some more options.


Has anyone else tried to do this on a low FODMap diet??



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Yes, you can do it on no FODMAPS. You just need to replace those veggies with others. I do mostly root veggies, turnips, carrots, parsnips also sweet potatoes and squashes.


Some people are sensitive to coconut, If you can make your own almond milk, that is good. The almond mild in the carton isn't compliant because it has a lot of additives in it.

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I know this isn't a nice thing to hear, but maybe "creamy" just isn't in the cards for you for the moment. Is getting that "creamy" sensation worth feeling terrible? Maybe it would be a relief to just feel good and skip it?


That said, my current diet does have a few creamy things. Do any of these work for you? Mayo, or mayo-based sauces, Avocado, cubed or smashed into a guac or sauce, Coconut milk.


Some people enjoy making creamy/nutcheese-like sauces with almonds, or more frequently, cashews, or with tahini or almond butter. But again, this is by no means a nutritional requirement, it's just about pleasure. Can you find pleasure in other things for now, and set this aside until you are feeling well enough or happen to have enough extra time or money to experiment? I bet you can.


Lots of people do no FODMAPs with whole30. I think it works best to focus on the great foods you CAN have and set aside for now, thinking about whatever you cannot. good luck.

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