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Kill all the things + time of the month + carb flu + actual cold


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I want to simultaneously kill all the things, cry, go back to bed, drink tea, eat everything and eat nothing, go for a run, and drink wine.

I work at an elementary school with spec ed kids and I have an entire day of a field trip where I'm walking around outside today. And I love the boys I'm going with, I really do. But they talk and talk and question and question everything to the point that sometimes at the end of the day I just sit in my car enjoying silence for ten minutes before going home. And field trips are a big deal for them so I do not want to be in a bad mood and short with them and ruin it.

I'll make chicken soup for dinner when I get home. Any tips on things that will make me feel better?

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could you download a free mindfulness/meditation app? I find doing this at the start of the day helps me want to kill people less in my job, which is also quite stressful  :lol:


maybe pack some mini-meals too, to keep your energy levels stable. And drink lots of water, and paracetamol every 4 hours!!

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And drink lots of water, and paracetamol every 4 hours!!

hmm, I was with you until this comment....maybe you were kidding but if the op doesn't have a headache, or were you assuming cramps? I don't see the use for this (paracetamol in the us is tylenol). 


my advice: eat plenty of on-plan foods including starchy carbs. stay hydrated. breathe. and enjoy the walking and the boys.  :)

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This is SO ME today! I got a cold on my day 2 (day 4 now), am dealing with some cramping/afraid to bike to work like always because usually cramp days + biking = me puking up everything I ate, and have gone off on two people at work today.


My bosses are trying to do some major restructuring in my office, involving me losing two of my subordinates who do most of the drudge work to keep things running smoothly for BS reasons. Oh, and I'd get a downgraded desk, a worse boss who would be sitting diagonally behind me and would be able to see everything I do all day, and also would be doing other peoples' jobs (okay, seriously, what's the point of having a "plans" section if the "current operations" section writes the plans? I don't want to write crap! I deal with CURRENT OPERATIONS, not stuff that requires planning...?) along with MY job. You know, the one that already gets me phone calls in the middle of the night to fix things, requires me to occasionally do work from home, and deal with a lot of grumpy people at much higher levels than myself. But somehow *I* get to do more work?


That's not even accounting for the fact that my section's job is the highest-visibility stuff...the highest-ranked people here know when my section messes up, because we coordinate for their travel to stuff. There's a reason my section has grown in the last 2 years from 3 people (as one of my higher-ups so gracoiusly pointed out, my section used to be just 3 people) to 6...we needed the people! Yes, there are some times where we're all staring at the wall until the next thing happens...but more often than not, we have enough to keep us busy. Plus with all of the schooling and stuff people have to go to, and everyone's additional duties...we have more than enough to keep us busy and, in some cases, to keep my section TOTALLY EMPTY except for me. Six people, and sometimes I'm the only one there (because this one has to go drive this person somewhere, those two are on mail duty, that one has a finance issue to fix, and the other one is fixing one of our broken vehicles...). So no, you idiots, I don't think that I can lose two of my people and work well. I don't think that my section can handle anything else on our plates. And I'd appreciate it if you didn't give me the boss who IS A WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP WHO DOES NOTHING AND CAN'T WORK A COMPUTER SO WE'LL HAVE TO DO IT FOR HIM. I DON'T LIKE HIM, HE TELLS TERRIBLE DISGUSTING JOKES, EATS ALL DAY MAKING SMACKING NOISES, AND TELLS ME HOW I SHOULD BE HAVING BABIES NOW BECAUSE I'M YOUNG AND NOT TO WAIT UNTIL I'M IN MY 40S LIKE HE AND HIS WIFE DID AND NOW HE'S A 50 YEAR OLD MAN CHASING A 2 YEAR OLD.


KILL ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I noticed that after my W30, I got along with my two toddlers better than before. Maybe it wast the W30 but just the good days. Now when I have reintroduced grains (pancakes and some slices of cake at BDs, didn't enjoy them much :-) ) I feel like I'd kill somebody if that somebody won't stay quiet. So I blame grains and dairy and not myself to be so bad and nervous mother to my little boys. Forgive me my dear ones. 


Perhaps there is truly connection between hyperactive kids and eating grains and dairy. Maybe...


Anyway, I stay away from grains and dairy for sure now and hopefully ever.

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