Day 1! Success!


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I had such a great experience my first day. It was odd though because I ate only 1050 calories plus I worked out for an hour and I did not feel sick. It was great! I have low blood sugar issues so I do have to eat every few hours. It was shocking because I felt great. It shows that you need to eat whole quality food that actually has substance.  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)

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Congratulations on having a good day. Now stop tracking your calories. The Whole30 is very clear about this. You cannot track calories and complete a real Whole30. The tracking distracts you from what you from what is important. Instead, follow the guidance of the meal planning template regarding how much to eat:


You will eat the proper amount for your size and activity level if you follow the meal planning template. 


Diabetics regularly find that they do not need to eat every few hours when they are eating Whole30-style. Meat, veggies, and healthy fats do not cause blood sugar disturbances like the common American diet does, so you can go 4 and even 5 hours between meals comfortably and safely when you are eating well composed meals. 

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