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Hi guys,

Starting another W30 on August 1st.

As the kids are off school I have to go to my CF classes in the evening at 6.30pm (Mon & Weds). So I have been having a Sunwarrior vegan protein shake on almond milk + frozen banana at 4.30pm and then having my main meal when I get home at about 8pm.

What will I have instead of this that will keep me going between lunch (12.30/1pm) and late dinner that will not repeat on me during class (burpees => pukies!) but won't be too heavy (dare I say it, calorific - I have some weight to lose :( )

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How about a solid pre workout meal of protein+fat half an hour to an hour before? A few hb eggs, a tin of tuna in olive oil, chicken and avo or olives, a burger patty with avo or mayo or bacon, etc? It might be a tough adjustment for a couple weeks to forego the carbs pre wo, but once you're fat adapted, performance should

improve, and it should also help with fat loss.

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Thanks guys,

Tina I'm in Ireland so don't have access to any of that fancy stuff :)
I will try the protein + fat combo, but eggs and tuna, no, I can imagine stinky burp(ee)s!
I never figured out the whole pre/post workout nutrition thing.

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