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First Whole 30 1/08/14


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My name is Emma and this is my first proper attempt at a Whole 30. I live in Dublin, Ireland and work part-time outside the home. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease about 2.5 years ago.  I have introduced lots of Paleo ideas to my diet but  think I will benefit from a total immersion. I still get fatigue and nausea so I reckon eliminating dairy and the sugar monster completely for a while (maybe forever) will help. 

I also want to get rid of the disordered eating that has dominated my life.  The bad habits are a result of many years of undiagnosed Ceoliac Disease and emotional eating. I am ready to tackle these now. 


Here is my breakfast today 


Omelette with


clarified butter





Salad leaves 

teaspoon flaxseeds 

black coffee

glass of water 


Prepped some veggies for supper tonight and lunch tomorrow. 


I am feeling very full at the moment.  Also quite nervous about the Whole 30. 


I appreciate any support and all ideas. 












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Welcome to w30!

Best advice I can give: make a copy of the meal template and hang it where you can see it when you are preparing food. Meat and protein will keep you satiated between meals and the veg will give you nutrients.

Then, just relax and enjoy the journey! Think about foods you can eat - not the ones you can't!

Good luck to you.

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I also have Celiacs. I found out I had it during my second pregnancy, after completely abandoning paleo eating. Eating clean paleo is the only way that I truly feel good, otherwise, I tend to have issues with depression and digestion, among other things. So, I hope you too will see some tremendous differences!

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Omelette was 3 eggs but I couldn't finish it.  I felt very full after half of it. 




Lunch 2pm


1/4 apple 

I piece poached salmon 

Plateful of steamed veg - broccoli, butternut squash, carrotts, french beans(the string beans). 

small piece of clarified butter 


Coffee with coconut milk 3pm




Outdoor bred pork sausages - these are just made from pork and spices

Sweet potato boiled 

Mixed veg - courgette, carrotts, peppers. 


Does that look ok? 


Thanks for the advice. 

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I also have Celiacs. I found out I had it during my second pregnancy, after completely abandoning paleo eating. Eating clean paleo is the only way that I truly feel good, otherwise, I tend to have issues with depression and digestion, among other things. So, I hope you too will see some tremendous differences!

I find the exact same thing. Depression and issues with digestion even though I avoid all gluten. Hope to see some difference. 

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Hey Emma,

Hope this W30 makes you feel as fabulous as you are.

Day 1 looks like you are off to a great start <thumbs up>

Where'd you get the sausages?


Thanks Derval. I am definitely getting sugar withdrawal. 


Sausages are from M&S - I am pretty sure they are ok. They were in the fridge and I had forgotten to defrost the meat I had bought but the ingredients looked ok. Hope I haven't messed it up. What do you think? 


British outdoor bred pork 97%, salt, water, dried coriander, ground nutmeg, dried onions, ascorbic acid. 


Funny I rarely eat sausages and I didn't intend to today. I had a long afternoon painting boxes with Fionn so I was starving by suppertime.  Nearly passed out when I spotted the steak in the freezer!  

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Ah the M&S sausages....My friend & I have I had in-depth discussions of these! I thought they were ok and have eaten them on prev W30's but according to her they all have metabisulphate (or some such thing) as preservative which rules them out, do you still have the package to double check?  But if they do it's no biggy, just wouldn't have them again.

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Thanks D. Just checked the package and they do contain E223 which is metabisulphate. Oops. That will teach me to be more prepared. 

I have defrosted meat for lunch and supper. Heading to a BBQ tonight. In the rain by the looks of it. 




Veggie Omlette - half leftover from yesterday

salad leaves

Black coffee 

Large glass of water 

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What a pain about the sausages, the only compliant ones I've found were at a farmers market, I think at Farmleigh.
Going to make some bolegnase this wet afternoon and put half in freezer for another day.
Enjoy your bbq - stay strong in the face of booze and processed meat!

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Breakfast 10am 1/2 Veg omelette - leftover from previous day.  Black coffee. 


12pm black coffee 


Lunch 3pm ; Raw veg salad - carrotts, peppers, courgettes, salad leaves & 1 piece poached salmon.


Supper 7.30pm - pork ribs*2 and a meat burger, small amount of red cabbage coleslaw. Resisted offers of booze and a really tasty looking gluten free (polenta, almonds and strawberries) cake. That was really hard.  

When I came home I got my period which explained the bad headache. I was starving and really tempted to go and find something sweet. Instead I heated up some sweet potato to deal with the period cravings as advised on W30 forum. Along with a spoon of coconut milk they really helped to ease my hunger. 






B/F  8am    3 scrambled eggs with clarified butter, flaxseeds, salad leaves & black coffee.


Snack 12pm Banana & blk coffee - I was up in Belfast so it made the choices for snacking limited. Everyone else had muffins ; ( 


Lunch: 2pm Some pieces of quick cooked steak, lots of raw veggies. I had half a fruit smoothie before I realised that this was a bad idea and changed to water. 


6pm decaf coffee with coconut milk


Supper  9pm mince, curry spices, coconut milk, fine beans, sweet potato, spring onions.


I definitely thought I wasn't going to make it today. My period is giving me really bad cravings for sugar and carbs. Mostly fried potatoes. It is also making me exhausted but I expect that. Hoping the headache passes. 


Looking above I think I need to increase my veg intake at supper. 


Reading the forums is a big help. 

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Hi Emma :)  I am also in Dublin.


I am going to go to the People's Park in Dun Laoghaire next Sunday and see if the organic butcher there has 100% pork sausages.  I have a friend in Roscommon who will make them for me but alas, Roscommon is a little further away than Tesco  :lol:


Good luck with your first Whole 30 :)

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Well done Emma, that was a mf tough day, I hope you are giving yourself a big pat on the back for staying on track!





The suausage search continues - FX Buckley have new "gluten-free sausages" and I asked him did they have gluten-free crumb & he said, no just meat & seasoning. The question is what's in the "pork seasoning" - there could be dextrose etc...and the butcher boyo's weren't too open to my questioning. Maybe I will get in contact with them via FB or something. Ha ha I don't even eat sausages that much when I'm not on a W30!

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I am a bit tired today but I think that is my pd. And I still have a slight headache. I am pretty sure that is because I had to take some anti-inflams for my shoulder pain last night. I need to start going for a walk every evening to work out the muscle tension in my shoulder and neck.

I have started waking at 5am every night instead of 3am which is good progress. I haven't slept through the night fully for over 15 years and I would like to change that. I used to have terrible insomnia when I was younger due to undiagnosed coeliac disease.  Until very recently I woke up several times a night. I have managed to cut this down to once a night. I need to start sleeping through the night. 


One of my goals for this W30 is to get more sleep. 


Breakfast 8.45am 

3 scrambled eggs 

tsp flaxseeds 

handful wilted spinach

string beans 

black coffee 



Feeling very full. 

I am a strange mixture of energetic and tired. 


Am feeling good about doing this although I do feel like I have a long way to go. 

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12pm blk coffee 


3pm Lunch  

        Steak, salad leaves, raw carotts, raw peppers, olive oil. 


8.30pm Dinner 

             Sweet potatoes, string beans, carotts, salad leaves, mince with curry spices and coconut oil. 


I was starving by lunch and by dinner.  Getting insane cravings at the moment but it is possibly due to tiredness. It was a long day in work and my bike chain slipped and got stuck on a hill on the way home. 


I need to work some variety into my meals. Now to look up some tasty recipes. 

I plan spag bol for dinner tomorrow so I need to find a good sub for pasta. 

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Today was a little chaotic and I had some cravings but they seem easier to keep in check


Breakfast 8.30am 

3 scrambled eggs, tsp flaxseeds, wilted spinach, blk coffee & pint water. felt very full afterwards. 


Snack at 1pm - blk coffee and banana - I will try to avoid snacking in future but I wasn't sure when I would be able to eat a proper meal and I was out in town. 


Lunch 3pm - it was very late but I was out bringing my son for a haircut and dropping him over to in-laws. I was totally starving. 

Bolognese sauce with carrots, and courgette and some green salad.


5.15pm decaf coffee with coconut milk and a small amount of roasted almonds 


9pm roast pork, sweet potatoes, raw carrotts and peppers.  Feeling very full. 


I am a bit worried that I am eating too much and today felt a bit chaotic. I have prepared an egg loaf for breakfast tomorrow so that is a good start. 


I am exhausted now but didn't have a slump in the middle of the day which is a good sign. 

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Today was a bit better. 


Breakfast 8.30am 

Egg loaf  (mince, egg, seasoning, butternut squash and courgette). Served with a leafy salad. Black coffee and water. 


Lunch 2.30pm 

Egg loaf again. It was handy and I was starving. Along with grated carrots, courgette and baby leaf salad. Served with olive oil and a small amount of almonds. 


4.30pm small decaf coffee with coconut milk




Roast chicken with roast butternut squash, sweet potato and potato mixed. 


Looking above I think I should have added some green veg into my supper and taken out the sweet potato. 


Feeling quite good. A bit tired now but that is because I was out all day with a three year old. 

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Breakfast 8am 

Egg Loaf with green salad and black coffee. 


11.30am black coffee 



Lunch 2pm

Poached salmon with grated fennel, sliced apple, green leaves and 1/2 avocado.  Cup of black decaf coffee. 



mini meal 5pm - I was exhausted and starving coming home from a day walking around town so I panicked and ate a min meal instead of snacking. I need to get more of a routine about eating. I also don't think there was enough salmon in the salad to keep me going. 

1/2 piece of egg loaf with a few salad leaves and some nuts. 



Supper 7.30pm

leftovers from last night without sweet potato and added green leaves. 

Chicken, butternut squash, 1/2 baby potato, salad leaves. 


I am now off to see a film and ignore all the usual snacks.


I had a minor breakout of acne on the back of each shoulder last night. Painful. I am hoping this will settle over the next few weeks. 

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Breakfast 10am 

Egg loaf with spinach and black coffee 


12pm black coffee and water 


Lunch 3.30pm

salad - chicken, spinach, carrots, courgette, red pepper and olive oil.


Dinner 8pm

chicken with curry spices, coconut milk, spinach, butternut squash, courgette, spring onion and string beans.


Can't believe I have been doing this for 9 days. Not bad.  

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Day 10. 33.333333% the way through. You got this Em! Feeling any diff? Did you eat much gluten free packaged foods before, does your digestion feel diff without them? Tummy look flatter?

And my nemesis, the scales, how you finding not weighing? Keep up the great job :)

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