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newbie; patella wired 6/12/14 but want to start program- should I wait?


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Hi everyone, my name is Debi...

I'm looking for your advice, and opinions. 

 I've entered a whole new door of needing to get my body healthy and strong, and my psyche to match!!!   i would describe myself as a chocolate/ carb. addict (yes I have considered an IV), and my battle has gotten progressively more difficult as I've entered my 50's.


I've Yo Yo'd with my weight for the past 20 years, but nothing too out of control until the last few years because of my KNEE! My knee is a PAIN... or rather in pain! 

Two knee scopes over the past 20 years, lots of cortisone shots, many Ibuprofen,too many days in bed icing and snacking, lead me to seriously considering a knee replacement last winter. I have since been Shoved in that direction by deciding to be the "poster child" for looking up a phone number on my cell while walking- yes I DID!!! Last February I tripped and fell HARD on the ice and cement because I certainly didn't have the time to STOP and look up the number... fracturing my knee cap straight across the middle! It wasn't displaced so we braced my knee for 2 1/2 months... began rehab, got me  back to my life and doing relatively well. However in early June  I re-broke my patella on a vacation contracting my quadracept muscle too quickly because I twisted my "good ankle"- (.soooo maybe we'll call me Grace)!  

  I'm now 8 weeks out from my surgery, and about 25 lbs heavier than I was in February due to the TLC of my wonderful neighbors and friends! Incredible pies, cookies and cakes and many "nice casseroles" ...I've had practically ZERO exercise since my first break!  

My cravings are almost non stop!

I'm bending my knee to about 100 degrees, but still limp and am far from healed. I have knee replacement surgery scheduled for the end of November as soon as this bone is healed enough!

My ideal weight and size; with muscle and a healthy way of eating is 45 to 50 lbs less than where I am, and I'm "freaking out" looking down the calendar weeks at what lies ahead regarding my inability to MOVE more than a few degrees bend at a slow pace. 

SO my question is.... will this program be a benefit with VERY little exercise for the time being... or should I wait until the beginning of NEXT YEAR aaaahhhhhh!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.. I'm hoping somehow this can be effective for me even though I cannot really do a 'cardio' program.

U thanks in advance!



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Don't wait. The Whole30 is all about food, and there's nothing about your condition that would stop you from eating good food.


Exercise isn't necessary to be successful on Whole30. I didn't exercise when I did mine, I still had improved energy, had aches and pains go away, slept better, and lost a few pounds. I'm sure all those results would have been even better if I had exercised, but they were definitely worth it even without the exercise.

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Hi Debi! And welcome!


DO NOT WAIT. Do your research, read It Starts with Food, do the prep, get on The Foodee Project for great recipes, Well Fed is also great and plan, set a date and do it. My first W30 was with no exercise at all. And I looked and felt great. I just had those pesky trouble spots that can only be eliminated by exercise. I am 9 days into my 2nd now and this time I am adding exercise. You can get there once you are able and ready, best of all if you do this now your body will be way healthier for your upcoming surgery.


I too suffer from ling term knee problems, my 2nd "reconstruction" (2009) didn't take and my patella tendon has the elasticity of a wet noodle, so my knee cap sits about an inch higher than it should, hence no running, jumping or anything of the sort. However, I am not in any pain so I am holding off a replacement until it starts to hurt, or I start falling down cause it gives out all the time.  ;)


Greatest of luck!  :D

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Thank you for your responses! I'm sure I KNEW what your answers would be. I DO freak out if I can't see "some" sort of result within a couple of weeks however, so I guess that was kind of my fear.  I get to just pull up my big girl sweats and get this thing done!

Thanks again. I'm going to choose a realistic start date.. I have two married kids living at home in between moves at the moment- oh joy! I'll have to turn my closet into my pantry and buy a separate fridge.. ;)

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