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Help, I can't find a sausage that doesn't have some sort of sugar in it!


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Applegate Farms has a few, but I never find all of them at the same store.  My favorite are the chicken apple sausages.  They also have little smokies.  (Their compliant deli meat is usually behind the deli counter, if you are also looking for that.)


Some people buy Aidell's chicken apple sausages.  I have seen them in stores and at costco.


We also buy Causual Gourmet chicken and red pepper sausages at Costco.  I like to fry them with sausages, peppers, mushrooms, and spinach, or eat them with yellow mustard.


In Colorado, many of the Boulder sausages are OK.  I have found other local chorizo, german, and italian.  Breakfast almost always has sugar.


I have created my own breakfast sausage spice recipe for ground patties if I want that true breakfast flavor.

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I just got home from Trader Joes and I couldn't find one sausage that didn't have something in it that isn't compliant with Whole30. :(  Please share you finds with me and where you go to buy them.  Thanks!  :D

Oh dear, that's soo sad.  :lol:  :D 

I have to shut my north and south here.   Carry on...as you were.  

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