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day 5 - going strong

Tina Marie

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I started on 9/4...  I have been mostly Paleo since March 2013.  My 13 yr daughter has been doing this right alongside me.


 My journey started because I started retaining water, my plantar facitis was not improving, and my belly felt sore/full all the time. Acid reflex was no fun either.   so I asked my doctor - well "we have pills for all that "   I don't want pills - I want to know WHY my body was all of sudden being so nasty to me.   My cousin suggested Paleo .... immediately gave up bread/pasta and all grains.  Almost immediately the water retention was gone - no more belly issues.  I was amazed.   and no pills !!!  Acid reflux was still bad, so I started cold brewing my coffee.   I thought that was helping.  But down this long road, I have discovered it wasn't the coffee but the flavored coffee. I can't eat/drink anything with fake sugar - greens that have been washed with that "veggie cleaner spray",  or flavored coffee.  All these things immediately make me sick.


I have not discovered how to lessen the muscle pain/tendon pain.  I am looking at injections for my plantar faciitis, and am hoping that maybe just changing my diet can lessen it.


So - I discovered Whole30.   I am doing good..no carb flu - and no sugar cravings as of yet.   We have always been pretty aware of our food (ok me - cooking for my kids) so not much extra sugar in our diets. Occasional soda, teas, coffee.  The teas and coffee is where I am having a hard time.  I have given up coffee cuz I was only drinking it for the cream and sugar - I don't even like the flavor of coffee !   I have finally made home made mayo !  Never realized just how much sugar is in our everyday things - ketchup - dressings-  even BACON.

I tried some tea yesterday - without sugar - thinking maybe I've done enough days that I can do it. Nope - I will have to try next week and see if the sugar desire is still strong.


I have found out to really let go of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. It is now meal 1, 2 & 3.   I discovered that if I only eat eggs and veggie in the morning - I'm STARVING by 1030.  Since Saturday I have added another protein steak, pork roast and have been able to make it to 11 and then I only had a mini meal - boiled egg/cukes/carrots. to take the edge off.  Then at lunch at 12:45 and was good until dinner at 6.


so I am looking forward to Meal 1 and what I can do with it.  So glad I got Well Fed.... most interesting recipes.


Til later



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Made a hash with sweet potatoes and ground pork, spinach, topped with 2 eggs.  I was thinking I needed more protein than just the 2 eggs. However, now my stomach is gurgling... just like when I eat/drink something with the fake sugar.  Not sure if maybe the ground pork isn't agreeing with me.


Sleeping pretty good at night.  Have not been tossing and turning - which is nice.


Frustrated, with having difficulty with finding organic meats - have a limited budget, so need to start really researching prices.  There seems to be a large price range in my area.  Some vendors at the farmers market look appealing but then their prices are outrageous.  So I have been getting frozen at a grocery store on the other side of town.  There is a Costco that is new to my area, went and checked it out - but not sure if I will shop enough to justify the membership.


I'm off today, so will be scouring my Well Fed book to decide on some sauces to make and have on hand.  I have made the Chipotle Mayo (trying to make it as mild as possible - as me and my daughter are wimps when it comes to heat !) We will see how it turns out.  Making taco meat tonight - for nachos for her and a taco salad for myself. Hope that the mayo makes a nice addition.

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Had a headache today - at first it was just a slight bother - but by dinner turned a little bit more ugly. & I had a strong craving for ice cream or an ice cold can of Coke.  (I usually can not drink a whole can but just a taste would have been fine for me today)  So instead, I made banana ice cream.  1 banana (frozen) whipped up in my processor, with a splash of almond milk)  - No added sugars, I don't think bananas are on the fruit list because they have a high sugar content but I thought FRUIT...  Exactly what I needed - ok   wanted. 


I tried a sparkling lemon mineral water - instantly made me think of Pledge.   Poured a glass over ice... and it is still sitting on my end table - can't get past the powerful lemon flavor.


I know it is just trail and error - so I will try something else.  I have tried cucumber water -but it was too "burpy".  lemon water gets boring.  I wonder how rosemary would taste ??  there was a drink with rosemary in that link. Will have to look it up again.


Tomorrow it is suppose to be storming here - so no farmers market for me.  Need some fresh cauliflower (stores are so expensive), cukes, tomatoes, peppers.

Have to work again on Saturday - so will miss that one too.  I need to really get my self more prepared for lunch/dinners.  I think scotch eggs will be on my list to make, and shephards pie.


Day 6 almost done - had taco salad for dinner.  It is so nice to feel full after eating, not wanting 2nds of anything.   Did not have any desire to snack today- which usually I do when it is my day off.


Bring #7 !

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I am trying out the recipe in Well Fed for cooking jicama so that I can make 'potato' salad, and American fries  I like jicama raw - will be interesting to see how it tastes cooked.  Beef roast in the other crock pot... will be morphing that into BBQ beef later this week.


morphed my sw. potato/onion/gr pork into dinner. added apple and some coconut milk and had it over cauliflower rice.  It was pretty good. Even daughter thought I did a good job.

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day #8.... was finally not starving between meals. Made all day - I had read that it can take quite a while to get to having just 3 meals, with no mini meals. I would like to think that it will be like this the rest of the way, but I am not counting on it. Maybe I am eating too much ... ? but I am not stuffed when I am done eating, have been trying to listen to my body and stop eating when it tells me to. Lunch I even left some in the dish.

Meal 1, eggs over hash (sweet potatoes, onions, roast beef)

Meal 2, roast beef over cauliflower rice, brussel sprouts, onions - med banana

Meal 3 raoast beef over bed of spinach, salsa (found some w/out sugar !), chipotle mayo, black olives.

I made a batch of cooked jicama. Going to give it a try to make jicama American fries. So I think that might be for meal 1 tomorrow.

Need to roast up more sweet potatoes, onions,carrots & the parsnip and the rutabaga. Not entirely sure about roasting the rutabaga, but I have added it to roasts, and soups.

I am waking up easier in the mornings -and am seeming to sleep better too.

I have to say there were ZERO craving today, didn't even think twice about not eating. I was going to have a cup of tea, there was supposedly no added sugar but there was soy - so I couldn't make my self drink it. I had some yesterday but it didn't rock my world so why waste any calories

I have basil that needs to be harvested - cuz it is now getting much colder and I don't know how much longer it will last outside. Tonight is suppose to be in the 40's so I brought the container in for the night. I think I will make the basil/walnut pesto recipe in Well Fed. I have already dried a bunch, and have enough to fill another spice container. I don't think it would continue to grow over the winter because I don't think I have enough light coming in.

Then I will get a zucchini to make some noodles to have w/ my basil/walnut pesto. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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Day 10 !!  made it !    no hunger pains today - so it is a good day.  I am really trying to make it to 3 meals a day - but am afraid I'm eating too much.  Someone said to add some more fats and maybe that would do it.    

 so far  Meal 1 - eggs w/ sw potatoes, brussel sprouts, cube steak

At work currently - so no snacking - which is easier to resist every day. My cubbie has a drawer full of snacks.. and I have not given it a single thought.  Which is totally a NSV - cuz when I'm bored - I tend to eat.


ok back to work

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feeling a little blah. Day 10 -  YAH 

M2  -was leftover hash from M1, with roast beef and cauliflower

M3 - burger, with sw potatoe.   didn't eat right away when I was hungry - had to make dinner for us, and by the time it was ready - I was over it.  But I ate anyway.


I am running out of veggies - I have a parsnip that I think I will try for breakfast.  and I keep saying that I will make the rutabaga hash browns. So tomorrow I think will be the day for that. Also have to make mayo - I have run out.


I cooked the jicama - Not sure if I did it wrong - but it was AWFUL.  Nope will never try that again.  Especially if we can have a good ole white spud.  Love jicama raw - so salads and munching - that will do just fine.

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I cooked the jicama - Not sure if I did it wrong - but it was AWFUL. Nope will never try that again. Especially if we can have a good ole white spud. Love jicama raw - so salads and munching - that will do just fine.

I agree. I love raw jicama, but tried a recipe for jicama "fries" that I read great reviews of and they were awful. Never making that mistake again.

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M1 was eggs over another sw potato hash.  ate around 730- 8 and am still not hungry - so I think I am just going to listen and see when my good ole bod tells me when to feed it.


Not sure what the other meals will be.  the Pad Thai out of Well Fed, but instead of chicken, will use pork loin. I will then use the pork loin for another meal/lunches.  It is really good marinated in cumin, coriander, curry, garlic and some oj, pineapple or apple juice.  Which I think is compliant.

Also going to make shephards pie - I guess it is Cottage pie because I will be using hamburger - not lamb.


1 NSV -  I was able to drink white/green tea infusion with NO SUGAR-  maybe I'm starting to beat the sugar dragon ??  I drank it warm this morning - and then when it cooled off - poured it over ice, added a little lemon and it is totally drink able.


Made another batch of mayo - this time used apple cider vinegar instead of lemon. We will see how it goes.  had to use some EVOO cuz I only had 1 cup of the extra light left.  Made it in the blender this time - way less mess. 


M2 - was salmon over a bed of spinach, tomato (the only 1 that I got from my tomato plant ) :(  jicama,  chipotle mayo and some walnuts.  My avacados are not ripe enough so threw the walnuts in.


M3  Shephards Pie from Well Fed.  Made some adjustments- used my cube steak from the other night, tomato sauce instead of paste (didn't have any) and used some of the leftover coconut milk from making the mashed cauliflower.it was very yummy - was a hit with daughter.  I have always made shephards pie - so this was just as good as my old recipe. Kid approved !!! :D


Cooked up pork loin for lunches/dinners and have some more marinating in beef broth, cumin, coriander, cinnamon curry and garlic cloves. 


Did not do any exercise - deliberate exercise that is.  I did shampoo my living room carpet, I rearranged the living room furniture, and took a walk with my dog. She is a French Bulldog - so it was not a 'brisk' walk by any means... except maybe for her.


The rest of the night is laundry for the week ahead, and prepare lunch for tomorrow.

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pizza party went on with out me - after 1pm it starting to smell NOT so good - and after I ate my wonderful lunch - I was all good to go !!


My dad's bday party is sunday -  I know we are doing grilled food...  however my mom will make lots of different types of salads  ie  potato salad, broccoli slaw,

fruit salad, corn    So instead of even talking about this w30 (not because I'm embarrassed - just less fuss for mom )  I am going to bring roasted veggies.  She loves them when I bring them for thanksgiving... so that way I will have 'my food' and no one is the wiser.   and I will feign STUFFED and by pass dessert. (which will be hard - she makes AWESOME desserts)


My acid reflux has reared its ugly head the last few days -  was mostly at night and not too bad. Then yesterday it hit after lunch.  I'm not sure what might be causing it.  I can only think that I have increased the coconut oil greatly and maybe that it is doing it ?    Or maybe spices ?   Oh  maybe the tomato sauce in the shephards pie. ??  I ate that the Sunday night  and for lunch.    I'm guess it is the tomato sauce.


Day 13


I had another episode of acid reflux - but today I had eaten a spinach salad, w/ cukes, peppers, and pork loin with a dressing I made out of mayo, cumin, coriander curry and a dash of cinnamon w/ coconut milk.  I can't seem to figure out what is causing it.  Maybe the coconut milk - I've had quite a bit in the last days.


I think I should maybe cut it out for a bit and see what happens.

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Made it to Day 15 !  my innards are not doing well... bloated, crampy, just blah in general.  I know that the timeline says that there could be a period of ickiness, as the intestines are healing.  I hope that is the reason and not something else. 


yesterday was the worst. Didn't want to eat anything  but made myself.  I wish I would have had some broth because I would have eaten that and been happy.


I tried shredded rutabaga, fried in cocounut oil w/ 2 eggs last night.  It was very good, even my daughter liked it


so I made it for breakfast !

M2 today was spinach salad, pork, pepper, cukes, avocado w/ oo & balsamic oil.

M3 - Pan Thai -  it was good- made it with some slight changes, pork instead of chicken, omitted the red pepper from the sunshine sauce.  it was ok - not sure if it would be on the menu as a regular item. 


I tried to roast rutabaga and it was not good.  I separated it from the other veggies, I think I will cut it smaller, fry it and see if that improves it.  Parsnip was also roasted but not sure about that either.


I have noticed that the Plantar Fascitis issue is better, I have not had any real pain lately. Which is a WHOOOT WHHOOOT !


I am crossing my fingers that the stomach thing subsides - preferably sooner than later.

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so I am finally beyond day 20 !   last week was tough - has some pretty bad stomach issues - was going to go to the doctor but ended up babysitting grandson instead on Friday. Saturday was a smidge better but every time I ate - my stomach just didn't like it.  so I spend the day - doing easy things.  Made a huge batch of chicken stock - approx. 16 cups.   Frozen cubes - and 4 cups, so that I can have it for soups, gravies.  Also made butternut squash soup out of it.


Today I came home early - again not feeling well.  I had eaten some of my homemade mayo - and I am now wondering if it may be bad.  So guess it is time to make another batch.


I have gotten some good recipes from my peeps on the other thread - as I am getting tired of making the same thing.  Looking forward to make some casseroles, my daughter also likes breakfast casseroles so that will be good.


I tried roasting beets -  NOPE -  do NOT LIKE them.  tossed them all out !!  parsips are also not so great - at least roasted.  Maybe cooked and then pureed ?


stand bys have been sw potato and cauliflower.  Have not eaten much broccoli because the last time I ate it - my stomach wasn't so good.

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Day 24 ! 


Had a hair apt - so planned appropriately - had boiled eggs, carrots, celery, jicama, tomatoes and some sunflower butter. Made it until dinner !  Had to resist snacking because I was pretty darn hungry, but I did it.


M1  - sw potatoes/liver and eggs
M2   see above
M3   liver, potatoes w/ sweet potatoes, fried-  couldn't eat a salad... just couldn't.


I am feeling pretty good - althought today was my "kill all things" day.  everything irritated me.  My dog, my daughter, my friend, my neighbors.  No one was safe today.


I took before pics and measurements - and today when I was looking in the mirror - I realized that my back flaps are almost gone !!   so excited !   and my cubie told me Friday - that she thought I was looking slimmer.  So nice someone finally noticed.


Time to clean up the kitchen and getting ready for bed.  early night - because my wonderful dog had me up at 5:15.

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Day 25......


I woke up in a much better mood!  Made the cauliflower sausage casserole, breakfast meatballs, some Italian meat balls.  I modified the meatballs to be half pork and half gr turkey.  the meatballs are not quite as moist as the 1st batch - so maybe I used to much meat.   Next time a little less meat.  Or maybe the turkey dried it out, because I used gr turkey breast.


I am watching Food, Inc... and I am getting kinda grossed out.   Which is the point.  Everyone should have to watch this - maybe then people would have more control over the quality of the meat that we consume. If we only protested.


My grandson was a joy today - it is so nice to see how he is growing, learning.  So stinkin smart.   I worry about his eatin habits - but my daughter is a great mom and I'm sure she will make sure that he gets everything he needs to grow up strong.


I'm so excited that I am seeing some results - and I think I will keep this going - and make this a definte life change for us!  Whether my daughter really wants to or not!


I did not eat 'normal' meals today. ate whenever I thought about it....

 M1 was butternut squash soup, 2 eggs and a leftover veggie mash.

M2 - cauliflower/sausage casserole, fresh veggies and a some sunflower butter
M3  breakfast meatballs and butternut squash soup

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hello day 30 !!!!


wow - this has been an eye opening experience that is for certain !   Who would have thunk - all that sugar in all that stuff. ?!   that I would not miss having dairy in my diet ?   Or all the sauces that are LOADED w/ junk  and Sugar !    I have survived !


I don't think that at this time I am going to re-add anything.  Eventually I am going to try some wine...not sure if I will go back to my favs for alcohol... with them based on grains - they may just not agree with my any more.  I am enjoying the weight loss... or should I say the swelling.  Not sure if I want to eat/drink anything that may make me swell up again.  Also will re-add butter - I don't use much of it, but I have missed it, lived with out it but will try it again.  and I will be trying cheese as well.  I do like a good piece of gouda - so I may try that


I am going to measure myself tomorrow and weigh in on Monday.   Clothes definitely are loose - will need to buy some new pants - cuz the current ones just don't look good and I really should have some that fit better for work. Even Brooke has slimmed down !  she is growing up so fast.  she didn't do the program with me - but she eats what I eat so for the most part she is doing it !


My meals have all stayed complaint - no snacking -  did do some gazing into the fridge the other day but it was totally from boredom and habit- not hunger

so I came on here and read success stories to keep me occupied.


We'll see how the final results turn out

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Results from my very first W30 !


Physical changes are secondary to how I feel !  I feel wonderful. !! plain and simple ~ wonderful.  I have been looking for solutions for my minor ailments - bloating, swelling, joint pain, plantar fasciitis, Charlie horses.  Without PILLS !


I have gone 30 days without using Aleve, ibuprofen, or  diclofenac.   According to It starts with Food... these can all lead to leaky gut.   I never used to go a day without some sort of pill.  I started w/ 75mg diclofenac, and then that didn't work - so that was doubled.  My migraines didn't respond to 1 or 2 aleve..  took 4.


I did have some headaches this past 30 days, but 2 Tylenol - and they were gone.  That is HUGE !!


The purpose of this is to make us aware of what goes in your mouth.  I feel so empowered to make the right choices for my body.  I know I can eat out - and make the right choices.  I do wish that olive oil and balsamic vinegar were on more menus for dressing options.


I am Thankful that I learned about all extra sugar - in EVERYTHING !   I am Thankful that not having the extra sugar - has caused my organs - to use the fat that I have reserved !  Instead of storing more !


I have lost 1" from all measured body parts !!  however my chest I lost 2"  <_<   Go Figure - the one place I wouldn't mind keeping 'fat' !

I had to go get some new pants for work - and actually fit into 1 size smaller than I did 30 days ago.


I will weigh myself tomorrow morning.  I will post tomorrow  !! :D


DAY 2 of a new W30


Yesterday - I took my daughters and grandson out from some fun.  Went to a indoor sports 'arena',  Little man played in the inflatables - then moved onto the games   We then went to dinner - but it is homecoming here so everywhere was crazy busy.  Went to culvers... ordered a salad, grilled chicken, w/ cashews. It came to our table - and what did I forget - to ask for NO Cheese.  It was loaded with shredded cheese but  It had 3 slices of cucumber and 3 tomatoes... really ???I ordered raspberry vinegarette, but when I read the ingredients - of course sugar. and I couldn't bring myself to eat it. 


I had eaten 2 boiled eggs and fresh veggies before we left - so I was not starving - and what I could eat - held me over to breakfast.



M1  breakfast meatballs w/ leftover shredded rutabaga

M2  a wonderful lunch w/ a friend that come for dinner - she didn't know she would be eating a W30 meal !  baked organic chicken ( stuffed it w/ an apple, onion and garlic) mix of sweet  potatoes/white potatoes, onions & grilled green beans, and acorn squash

M3   a huge salad, greens, cauliflower, cukes, jicama, carrots, fried eggs, and chicken, avocado with oil and balsamic vinegar.


Not once was I hunger during the day !  It feels wonderful to actually eat food - that your body needs ! :P

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I have lost a total of 11 lbs !!   it feels wonderful - even it is water weight at this point  I am thrilled !    It is what I have been trying to accomplish for more than 1 yr !!  and I did it without any water pills !   YYYAAAHH


Next on the agenda is adding in some exercise.  That I will start tomorrow.


M1  was eggs over fried potatoes
M2  is going to be duplicate of yesterdays lunch.

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Day 34


Totally ran out of veggies - it did not help that my fridge (apt owned) is freezing all the veggies and I had to throw out a bunch of things.


M1  breakfast meatballs w/ mustard mayo, and left over fried potatoes
M2  big salad w/ greens, cukes, cauliflower, carrots, chicken and 1 egg w/ oil/vinegar.

M3  unsure - probably shephards pie...   or good old burgers


I am frustrated with having to go to the store all the time - mostly cuz of my fridge.  I don't want to stock up on too much and then just have it freeze.


Tonight I am going to do some weight lifting and stretching while I watch my tv shows.  I used to get on my glider while I watched, however it does not fit in my apt - so I can't use it.

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DAY 37 -


I have been staying compliant, but having difficulty with veggies - my fridge is not working correctly and has frozen all my veggies - so every day I've had to buy my daily allotment ! 


Last night made steak, yellow squash, green beans, brussel sprouts.   M1 & M2 were on the skimpy side because I had to spread what veggies I did have between the 2 meals  but M3 made up for it !

M1 eggs and last nights veggies

M2 steak and same veggies

M3 will be some pork that is in the crock pot as I speak now.


Have been working OT almost every day and really need to start cooking again on the weekends.  This weekend is my wine/cheese trip and then out to help load my parents up on wood for the winter.  so another busy weekend.

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