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Corn Starch


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Yesterday was Day 21 for my partner and me.

We have really been doing a great job. 

Our neighbors have been very supportive of us and even gave up booze for 30 days to help us. LOL

Soooo last night they had us over for a whole 30 dinner.

Long story short there one one item that I fell in love with and ate a bunch. Then i asked how to make it.



I started crying at the table.  I was so upset that I was so good and then I messed up.

I made everyone feel bad then I felt even worse!!!


So this morning I woke up and after having very normal and regular bathroom breaks for over 2 weeks, lets just say I was NOT normal.   So the good news is that I found out that I am sensitive to something.  This is a very interesting proccess.




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