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Tina Marie

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Just think on how good your body is feeling ... !   and don't beat yourself up - get back on the road !!   You can do it !!  


I agree - new dishes....  I'm in the same rut.


Oh and I just realized  we both have daughters by the name of Cassey !!   what a quinky dink ! (that is my oldest)


I don't have to babysit my little man tomorrow - so I am planning a big grocery shopping trip - time to stock up - I find that if I don't - that is a rut in the making for sure !  then I get discouraged about cooking cuz there aren't many options


and now my youngest - Brooke has decided she doesn't like eggs, or oatmeal or waffles or  or  or  or .. today I FORCED a boiled egg on her.  No breakfast is not allowed at my house.  I have learned from first hand experience - you MUST have breakfast...  teenagers - !  I told her that bad habit is not happening in our house.   So I have to get stuff for smoothies - and maybe some egg bakes  (she still likes the ones w/ bacon sausage baked in a muffin tin - Thank goodness)

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Greetings everyone! 

food planning is slipping down the list of things to do for me too. I Need to get a grip.  I'm still eating fairly well but not 100%.   Everything is becoming a bit effortful, the weather is heavy and I think that is affecting my mood..... bleugh.

ah, sorry it's my turn for a pity party!  I just want to sleep. 

Yes Lori, like Donna says, we have all had moments... and keep having them, and maybe will keep in having them.   With each others support though we get back to doing what we should, caring for ourselves as best we can and enjoying the benefits.  

For me though, going back to simple tried and tested meals is best, I find the effort in trying to source new ingredients and then not particularly enjoying the result demoralising.    Today I am going to make a nice comforting cottage pie with tons of root mash veg topping, served with buttered cabbage.   Childhood comfort food but also compliant.   Bowls of warming veg soup too, but no chunks of bread to mop up....

Tina I laughed at you forcing your daughter to eat a boiled egg.   I recall one time a friend's daughter was having asleep over with my girl.   They had boiled eggs for breakfast.   Later the girls ma phoned me to ask how I had managed to get her daughter to eat an egg for breakfast, it was something she would never do at home. She hated eggs.   I had not known this so just gave her the same as my family and she was too polite to say she didn't want it to me!   The thing is, I don't recall her looking as if she hated it while eating.... sometimes our beloved children just give us grief for the sake of it, I'm sure! 

Take care all,


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Chrissie - I'm with you - the winter is usually blah for me to ..   Love soups - so atleast I will get veggies in that way !  I need to start taking my vitamin D3 again - that really helps with the winter blahs.   

It has already been record lows for us, in the low teens and less with wind chill - I certainly hope the entire winter is not like this.   It then becomes unbearable - and we really can't do much because it is too cold     I would love to go to a tree farm to get a Christmas tree this year - they have hot chocolate, hay rides and even Thomas the Train (little man loves Thomas) but I am afraid that it will be too cold.


I miss having casseroles - but then again I don't   I have looked over all my old favorites - and unless I can figure out a substitute for cream soups, cream and cheese - they are a No Go for me.    thoughts ?  anyone ??


I guess I really should roast up some veggies - they are a good stand by - especially for the mornings.  I need to have something already made or I end up being for lax about veggies with M1. 


I did make a bowl of cabbage and a sauted meat - and that was pretty good.  I also saw a recipe for roasted cabbage - I think I would like that better than sauted or boiled.  So that is on my list to try this weekend.

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Back to no-brakes food for me; I thought maybe I could get away with a gluten free loaf; noooo, I've added bread to everything today  and out for a coffee I had a cheese scone....  It is so easy to slip.    I think maybe I should try some vit D to overwinter like you do Tina.

I wondered what soups, cream and cheese had to do with casseroles; once again it's the same language having different meanings.   Our casseroles are essentially stews cooked in the oven, though your versions sound delish!  So all one pot meals of meat and veg cooked in a liquid, are casseroles to me.  Could you add coconut cream and gluten free breadcrumbs and allow a little cheese?   I 'googled' paleo casserole, and there were lots of recipes came up, none of which I would have recognised as a casserole :)

Keep warm over there!  

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Hello all, and thank you for the encouraging words.  I am once again rested, and have a refrigerator full of vegetables!  Half the battle is having the right things to reach for.


I went on a cleaning spree, the bathrooms, vacuuming ect.  I can not tell you how cathartic that is!  Then I did indeed make the mac and cheese that Casey requested, and had pizza one night.  Neither tasted as good as I remember, and I found really no ill effect from the gluten, which was a bit of a surprise to me.  I do think though I'm with you Chrissie, it is a food (gluten/sugar) that seems to want me to eat more.  So less will be better for me. 


Today I am starting a whole 30.  I've went back and forth and to be honest the holiday doesn't worry me, I am working, so no big feast to cook or attend.  I did buy a bone in turkey breast to cook for myself and can easily put some nice roasted Brussels and a baked sweet potato, all totally compliant.  My next relaxed food event will be the cruise, and between now and then I want to feel clean and refreshed again. 


Today M1 meatballs, broccoli and a clementine.  M2 chili and another clementine.  M3 chicken breast, sweet potato with some pineapple on top and some more broccoli. 


Tina, indeed funny that our daughters have similar names.  How old is your Cassey.  My Casey is 11.  It has been cold here to.  A sleigh ride to get a tree sounds delightful  get out the warm woolies and do it :rolleyes: 


I can't believe the holidays are soon to be here.  Seems it was just summer.  I've started some preliminary shopping.  Hanukkah begins the evening of the 16th which will be here before we know it!

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hi all -   man I am craving Dominoes Pizza !  BUT   I don't want pizza to become a habit again.   I have that pork roast that was so yummy, so maybe a baked potato, some cauliflower and the roast -  that will fill me up better than a pizza...  ( I will keep repeating that until the craving is gone !!)


I think tonight is a lazy night - I want to catch up on my shows and just sit on my butt !   Tomorrow night will be grandson night so I better do that while I can.


I hope everyone has a great weekend - I'll pop back on and check in

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Horrid driving to work this AM, black ice!  Watched a car spin 360 twice behind me.  Not a fun day for driving, but had to keep going, hospitals never close.  Anyway, peaceful day at work. 


This is day 3 of my whole plan.  Stayed strong yesterday with meals I pulled out from my freezer.  Yesterday I had made a pot of bone broth in the slow cooker, and then threw in some of the cooked meat and some vegetables, made for a yummy M2 today, along with an apple.  M1 I had a egg stir fry in coconut oil with mushrooms, broccoli, onions and ham, with a clementine.  Tonight I am supposed to go out to dinner with a friend.  I scoped out the menu, and plan to have a chopped salad, and then some scallops.  May not be perfectly whole, but I am going to try and stay close to program.  I figured I needed an adult night out, since there have been few lately. 


Tina I know about the cravings, hoping to put them back to sleep.  Enjoy your grandson tonight.


Hope you  all are staying warm and having a good weekend.

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Good Morning Ladies !    Donna - hope you are doing well !


Ate horribly this weekend... ok not horribly - but definitely not w30.  Saturday was trying to get errands done before little man came over.  So I had a ok breakfast - no lunch - wasn't really hungry until 4ish.  Sunday was sweet n sour meatballs ( prepackaged meatballs, grape jelly and chili sauce ) scrambled eggs w/ a little cheese and prepackaged breakfast sausage,  M3 was better,  orange chicken (had honey in it) over cauliflower rice.  w/ a largish SIP of wine.  I had pour half a glass and left 1/2 of that in the glass.  (sadly - which might be a good thing  - it did not taste as good as I remembered it to taste)


the weather was warmer - but rainy - today is fore told that there will be snow -  atleast it is no longer in the teens, so it is more bearable.


My grandson is such a hoot ( he is only 3 - but so clever already)  I was on the phone with a friend and he says "mimi, who are you talking to ?..  as he walks away he say  "state farm ???"    almost dropped the phone!   I don't know if any of you have the State Farm commercials    Jake from State Farm .. ? !      It was hilarious - never a dull moment


So today  back to whole 30  - bought veggies this weekend that I am planning on roasting tonight.  It is a short work week because of Thanksgiving.  So the next fews days will be compliant - so I can have pecan pie  !!!

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so last was a big fail for an organized meal...  I ate the left over salmon cakes (which were soooo good - well fed 2), a small burger, and then fried zucchini.  I was soooo hungry when I got home  I couldn't wait for the burgers or the zucchini to cook ~  hence eating the salmon cakes.   I didn't stress about it because there is a good amount of sw potato in the cakes so I got some veggies in there !


I didn't end up roasting the veggies - had a headache towards the end of the day -  stress - neck was all tense too.   So didn't accomplish what I wanted to - except made the kitchen an even bigger mess.


I have off  Friday - so instead of shopping (which will be a first for me !)  I think I will do some power cooking. Maybe get a turkey on sale - and cook me some bird !   We are going to my parents for Thanksgiving so I won't have any left overs.   and who doesn't love left over Turkey Day goodies.


It snowed - like real snow this time -  so winter is truly here... and my new dog is refusing to go outside - which will cause some major issues.  It is a battle of wills - she is a French bulldog and they are known for their stubbornness.    What she doesn't know - I am pretty darn stubborn myself.   We will see how this is all going to pan out.


chrissie - I tried the ACV in some hot water and a little honey - it was a freshening drink - in replacement of water.

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Hi everyone!  

Oh -boy, Tina I can see you and your wee dog battling it out at the door, ha-ha!   I used to have a terrier who would refuse to go out as soon as the weather turned wet.... there were times when I had to physically throw him out (gently, of course! ) into the garden to relieve himself!   Of course, if I got on my wet weather gear and his leash, that was different, if he thought it was 'walkies' he was all for it, but that was not always convenient.  I do miss having a dog in some respects, but don't miss the toiletting  ;)!

Lori, well done on starting another 30 so close to all the food festivities... does 'special' food not feature big in Hanukkah, or are you just able to sail through?  ... ah, of course, you are working towards your cruise!

I have been terrible with my eating -  all the old demons came back big style, everything learned got pushed out to the back of my brain.   I have been like a split personality - watching myself pick unhealthy choices while mentally saying I can have what I want cos I'm not 'doing' the W30;  another part of my brain saying I can do another 30 anytime so have what you want, and yet another screaming 'stop it!  

I should have been working a 4 but it has turned into a 7 due to staff shortages.  I was not prepared for this, so it hasn't helped.  I am telling myself that on Friday when I start my days off I can start shopping and prepping for me to start at least a 7 of clean eating.  I am shocked at how easily I have fallen back to old habits after all the proud words I have spouted over the last few months.   It is scary really. Is it food addictions and biological responses to carbs?   Or am I just hopeless :(

Glad you found the ACV ok Tina.

There's just been an article in our newspaper saying scientists have proven that actually fats are far better for us than carbs after all   :rolleyes: :rolleyes:.   Bring on the nuts and avocados!!!!!    I need to get some more coconut oil, better get onto amazon.

I hope you are all keeping well and warm.

Donna, hope you are ok too.

C x

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Morning everyone !


Chrissie - I ended up 'tossing' her out the door as well !!!     She was very offended ! ;)


So 1 more work day - then a nice 4 day weekend.   I am going to make my pecan pie !!!  whoot whoot ... I used to make it with 1/2 the amount of sugar that the recipe called for (original is too sweet especially if you add whipped topping - and who doesn't like whipped topping !! )   this time I think I will cut the sugar even further.  


I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving !

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Well I am back.  Thanks for checking on me Chrissie. I tried to e-mail you from my ipad and phone and they failed to send. My computer stopped working and we sent it off to Doug's son in Washington State to fix. It will be another week or more before I get it back. I tried serveral times to get on on my husbands computer and the whole 9 site wouldnt let me on.  Weird I know.  It said I was unauthorized.  I tried to sign in and it said it was wrong so I tried to join new and it said that e-mail was already being used. I finaly got in going through Facebook.

We had a nice Thanksgiving.  My sister came up from California and we went to her sons place about an hour away for dinner.  I have been horrible about my food.

She likes to go to Starbucks every morning.  We went to Mexican the first night they were here. I  had said I would take them to dinner for the pants she brought me. Then we ate at my nephews and everything was totally off program. Food was good but not healthy. Typical Thankgiving dinner. Since we didn't have left over turkey we planned on going to this healthy real food restaurant for turkey, cranberry sandwices for dinner the next day.  I forgot they close at 2:30 so there we were unprepared to fix a dinner.  So we had pizza delivered. I have gained 2 to 3 pounds which is ok as long as it's not inflamation. I had gained some of it before all this bad eating.

Then since we missed having the sandwiches yesterday we went today.

Now they are gone and I have to get back on the straight and narrow path.

See how it turns around Lori now you are doing a whole 30 and we are floundering.

Have a good weekend

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Oh my dear friends, I need an intervention.  I have fallen!. It started with the day I made a Turkey dinner and had my older daughter over.  She is going through a miscarriage, her first pregnancy, and we drank rum the afternoon away while  we cooked, and indeed then I had no hold back under the influence.  Wednesday was not too bad, as Casey and I had a down day, did go out for Indian, and to the movies.  But the next four days I had a huge pity party, poor me, no one to invite me anywhere, and I had to work, while everyone else it seemed was having a long weekend.  Seems once I had the crap back in my system I just couldn't stop myself anymore.  I agree Chrissie, I was like an addict looking for my next fix.  Except my issue is food!  I felt miserable physically, but couldn't seem to stop eating.  All my symptoms of inflammation arrived back, bloating, reflux, maybe gall bladder attack, gas.  I am a hot mess.  I know the solution, It starts with food!  So yesterday when I went to work for my 24 hour shift I packed up all the demons and took them to the other sorry food addicts at work.  My house is free of crap again.  Today I must cook.  So day one starts again today.  I must, I don't like feeling this misery. 


Ok done ranting, sorry.


Tina, hope your pie turned out well, pecan is one of my favorites.  Chrissie, just the other day I was talking to co-workers about the low fat/no fat issue.  Our society is so messed up with the place food has come to.  All the sugar filler in the low and no fat, and we wonder why we are so obese, and so unhealthy.  Donna, it is indeed a slippery slope to choices we don't intend to make.  Sorry you missed you sandwiches. 


So seems we are all in similar spots.  Can we encourage each other to clean up, before the next round of debauchery?  I sure can use your help.  I know I didn't touch base over the weekend because I felt ashamed of my behavior.  Old tapes.  But now I am asking for help.


Here is my plan, M1 I'm going to scramble some eggs in coconut oil  and throw in some kale.  M2 I am going to make the turkey/cranberry meatballs with some broccoli, with an apple.  M3 I am going to roast some pork tenderloin, with mashed cauliflower and some butternut squash soup.  Also I am committing to check in every day, until I am feeling better. 

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I'm so thankful for all of you !  You have been so supportive - and welcoming and just awesome !


I think that we all are in about the same place with our new lifestyle...  I think it is nice to see that I am not the only one who needs a kick in the pants to stay on track. 


Today is REALLY REALLY busy at work - so I wanted to just hop on quick and say hi.   will post tonight


Take care everyone !

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Arrrgh, I wrote loads and then lost it!

Trying again. 

Hi everyone :)    how we are all learning tough food lessons right now!

Tina did your long weekend go well?

Donna, I'm pleased your computer was the problem I hope it gets well soon!   I hope your weight gain was just 'water-weight', I have managed to turn my eating back  round to fairly 'clean', and I felt like I had taken a diuretic a couple of days ago!!!

Lori, my condolences to you and your daughter, these are sad times; my D-in-law has lost two over the past 2 years, it is hard.   Well done for coming back here though, we will help as much as we can.  Just knowing others are listening helps - as soon as I post that I am struggling I find the strength to correct myself.   

My food is ok again now, I still have a little dairy but I am off the processed poison again thankfully! 

Off topic; today my baby granddaughter named me ''Amma'', slapped my face and poked a sticky finger in my eye than sat and roared with laughter.... you've got to love 'em!    Tomorrow is my big shopping day, and  I promise here I will not pop into M&S for a sustaining chicken and bacon toasty on the rounds!   .... I hope :rolleyes:

Chins-up ladies, and Power to us all!

C x

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hi all !  Chrissie - I have that happen all the time - I usually type some and then post and the go back and edit it - otherwise it is all gone!  if you do pop into M&S - enjoy it !!! 


My pie had turned out wonderful - forgot to add the butter and also decrease the sugar even further... I ate 2 pieces (yup 2) on Thursday and 1 on Friday.  while at my moms I had my piece w/ real whipping cream and the other pieces were bald !  I also ate 1 piece of my mom's apple pie (delish) on Thurs as well !!   I did not notice any ill effects...   But last night I was very sore, not sure if it is food related or stress or just out of whack.  Going to the back snapper tomorrow to get the kinks out.


so my sister has lost about 150 lbs,  by getting her blood tested for food allergies - I have not seen her in about 4 yrs so it was quite a shock.  she has been told she is allergic to approx. 37 foods... all the foods she has been eating - thinking she was eating healthy.  She was a vegetarian - so lots of beans and rice... soy, and she couldn't figure out why she wasn't losing any weight.  Well now she knows.  I asked her how happy she was to finally have an answer - she says "no I'm pissed, I've spent the last 25 yrs eating what I thought was healthy and it wasn't"   I wanted to say " why can't you be proud of where you are now - and that you have 25 more years of wonderful life"   She is so negative...  I would be jumping for joy and so proud of myself.      I had forgotten how negative she was -


tomorrow is my day 30 of 3rd - not totally compliant whole 30 but pretty darn close - about 95% compliat and I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished.   I think after Christmas  I will do another Totally compliant whole 30.  To kick off the new year.


I think you all have done wonderful with your life choices - !!   and it is interesting to see how things are affecting your body, and how it always end up back with whole 30 !


Donna so glad to see you back !  

Lori - my sympathies for your daughter and her husband.. it is a terrible thing to have to go through.  I also lost my first baby and it was the hardest thing ever !    So it is ok that you were a hot mess for a bit - but Kudos to you for realizing it and pulling your self up by your boot straps - if a real intervention was required, we would all be there for you.


There is some pie left and I have decided that I will have another piece in a few days !  and I will enjoy that piece too !!  I was thinking of buying some ice cream  just because it was on sale... then decided that if I buy ice cream, then it must be the best ice cream with the best ingredients.  then I remembered "i have pie!!"   so the ice cream stayed at the store.  ( I have an ice cream maker - so I can make my own, and when I do it will be with organic cream and flavorings -  I have seen a recipe for peach ice cream so that might be on the list too)


Ok  I've rambled enough.... 

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Good evening, just now home from work.  Happy to report that I have had two totally clean whole 30 days, and I am back to my good ole self.  It feels good, I feel physically, emotionally 100% better.  I have beets roasting in the oven to take for meals tomorrow, and then I am going to mix up some sausage with the ground pork I pulled from the freezer.  Thank you to everyone for the kind support.  It really does mean the world to me!


Tina, the story you tell of your sister is amazing.  It really is so much about the food we eat.  I would be jumping from the roof top with my success.  Maybe it is a good thing that you only see her every four years, who needs the negativity.  Really life is just too short.


Chrissie, your Amma story warmed my heart and made me smile.  It is those little moments that connect our lives.  So sweet. 


Well, off to kitchen duties.  Have a good evening. 

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good morning ladies !


I signed up for the 4 week basics yoga class !  took the first class last night - the instructor was filling in and she was just newly certified. You could tell she was nervous - and it wasn't the 'flowy'  yoga that I experienced last month.    She did a lot of stretching and only showed us 3 poses.  and then didn't show us the correct way - meaning she didn't come over to us and correct posture or position.   I'm sure she will get there once she has more classes under her belt


Yesterday was our company Holiday Dinner.  Ham, red potatoes, and green beans.  I enjoyed it and didn't think twice about the sugar in the ham !   But I did eat compliant for the other meals !    Made the salmon patties from Well Fed 2.   they are soooo good and Brooke loves them.  I am going to make a Triple batch over this next weekend so I can freeze some - for her to eat on my late nights as well has a stand in for "I don't have time to cook" nights.


I am also going to make some soups -  I have been stock piling the tough ends of the asparagus - just for soup and I think that will be pretty good now that it is cold..... and a good way to sneak in more veggies.


M1 today was egg back w/ a side of sw potato

M2   pot roast w/ mashed cauliflower and side of broccoli

M3   - left overs  - of what - not entirely sure !  I finally have a fridge full of stuff and that makes me a happy girl !  Less struggle.   Orange chicken, salmon patties, pot roast,  egg bake.  


I made a dish for M1 over the weekend that was pretty good - gr beef and onions and then tossed in broccoli slaw and cut up cabbage.  Then poured in some coconut milk    It was very yummy.  I didn't realize that I like cooked cabbage like that.


Donna - I hope that you are doing fine ... ???

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me again...


got a letter from my doc about my blood tests results....  so my fasting glucose was higher this time.   I've been trying to research on this website for insight but drawing a blank - it is more about Diagnosed Diabetes.  As nurses - do you have any imput on that.    ???

I would think after fasting - your glucose should be low.  I have no idea how that works


Any way - just thought I would get your opinions

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Tina, you are doing so well with all your whole 30's.  Keep up the good work! 


In regard to your blood sugar.  The doctors have us do fasting blood sugars to see where our baseline sugar is without response to eating.  As the glucose goes higher it typically means the body is not making enough insulin to handle your blood sugar.  That is why when people become diabetic they usually present with super high glucose, because there body has completely stopped making insulin and the glucose level then sky rockets.  So having a higher fasting blood sugar can signal the beginnings of diabetes.  Does this info help? Or make sense?  That is at least how I understand it.  I do baby's though and so I am digging deep to knowledge I have from outside of my expertise.


I am solidly back on plan.  Today I simply feel on top of the world.  Hard to believe over the weekend I felt so miserable.  I will be off the next two days and plan to do a lot of cooking too.  I've been scouring Danielle Walkers book, Against all Grain, and have picked out several new recipes.  I so want to go out and buy a spiralizer, but I told my daughter it is on my wish list for the holiday, and don't want to end up with two.  Does anyone have experience with a julienne slicer, supposedly you can get similar results with this too.  Tina, I seem to remember you had zoodles, how did you make them?

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Hi everyone,

Lori, WELL DONE!   You have turned yourself around so well.     I'm finding it hard to be totally committed, I wonder now if it is because I'm allowing myself a little dairy, or, I'm not being fixed about adding fat to each meal.  It's not too bad though I'm probably at about the desired healthy eating of 80/20.  just it has stalled my weight loss which is yet another education.   I'm going to be sooooo busy for the next couple of weeks there is little time figured for in for me so to stop myself stressing I may decide to accept this is it until the new year, then I shall be raring to go on another 30.

Tina; Lori explained it well.  This could be a pre-diabetes state, but it is a random test; there is another blood test called the A1C which can give information on what your blood glucose has been for the last 3 months, which is a much more reliable indicator.  There is loads more, but if you were showing symptoms it would be more likely to be Type II diabetes - which does not need insulin to regulate.      An insulin dependent diabetes is much more of childhood onset.   If you were tending towards a type II, it can be controlled by weight loss and dietary changes as you will probably have guessed, so you are on the right path anyhow!  I hope that you are not drowning in information now!   Again on our ward, we do the blood tests, but then we have diabetes specialist nurses who take over if there are problems, us general nurses are the famous ''Jack of all trades master of none '' now, we do everything medical then when there is exciting stuff the specials step in!  

Well today I am out for coffee with my friend who really loves cake.   she also really should lose weight as I can see it is now impacting on her health - she's younger than me but walks badly (joint pain) and  gets very short of breath on exertion.  She is also very defensive about her eating.    She knows I've done the W30, and was going to try it too but couldn't commit herself for a million reasons.   Now what sort of friend am I going to be???    This is our Christmas treat outing;   if I don't eat too she'll not enjoy her food 'cos she'll be reminded she ought not be indulging, but should I eat to keep her happy?     I think I may chose to indulge but leave some on the plate, and stress that I'm going back on the straight and narrow in the New Year if she wants to try again.   

And, I didn't have the toasty the other day in M&S - just because the queue for the café was too long, ha-ha!

Tina, ages ago you asked about casserole recipes.   Well I'm not a precise cook, so chose your meat - a cheaper cut that takes long cooking is fine, chop up and brown in the pan, add carrots celery onions bay leaf parsley pepper and salt all chopped to how you like them, add a little stock to match put on a good fitting lid and throw in a medium hot oven for 2 -4 hours  ( the tougher the meat the longer the cooking, like chicken  and pork will only need a couple of hours, beef much longer)   You can add a little tomato puree to enrich the gravy of you are not sensitive to tomato.   You can change the veg too, but my experience is these work best.  It's also one of those meals that taste better next day when the flavours seem to have intensified.   It also changes dependent on the meat used, chicken is quite delicate, beef more robust.

Anyhow, its time for me to go.  hope you're looking in soon Donna


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Thank you both !   that made it much clearer to me - I've looked back at my results for the last couple of yrs and my fasting glucose has been increasing, not badly - but increasing and she has never brought it up.   (which is my bad for not discussing it prior)  I thought with doing this whole 30 that ALL my numbers would be better - not worse.     Cuz I certainly am eating WAY better than before.    I see her later this month for exam - so we will be talking about it then.


I checked the symptoms of diabetes - and don't see any that I am experiencing.


So  I had a snickers mini candy bar with my dinner last night -   yummm  it tasted so good - but of course half way through the night my stomach started gurgling and not happy with me at all !


Chrissie -  I'm with you about dairy -  I have had a little bit, ate some onion dip made with sour cream, and the next day my foot pain was worse and fingers slightly swollen.   So I think that I will be staying away from the dairy


Lori ~  good for you to hop right back on the band wagon !   It is so nice to know that if we chose to have a bad food day - we can recover by going back to the template.  Yes  I used a juillene peeler to make my noodles before getting the spiralizer.   It is a smaller 'noodle' but worked just fine !


I will be working new hours starting 1/5/15   10:30 - 7 pm   so I will have to bring both lunch and dinner to work.   Which will be a little difficult - but I really don't want to wait to eat when I get home.   I'm not too happy with the hrs but really can't do anything about it.  I am going to try and post out and apply for a claims position which would be normal hours and NO Saturdays. 

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Hi  Well I finally have my computer back. Yea.  I am just reading and catching up so I may comment on things you girls said in the past.

Chrissie your are 8 hrs ahead of us.  It is 12:55 here now and 8:55 in London. I have London time and weather on my phone along with Pau  France.

Your feelings  when going to have tea with your friend were very thoughtful. It can be difficult sometimes. What did you decide to do? 

The last 3 days I have been in San Francisco with my friend.  She has lost 11 pounds on w30  and she hasn't been a stickler about if there is sugar listed in the ingredient label. I guess just not eating sweets and grains and less fruit has worked for the weight loss.

What is M&S?

I am going to try your casserole. Is this what you put your meet juices in or do you save it for soups. Do you ever put potatoes in it?

I think we are going through the same feelings with food.  For the most part I do like a 80/20 or so but find myself slipping. Then I try to be more strict for a few days but knowing I am not really on a whole 30 I slip off again. I also have not been adding fats like I was. One of the long timers told me when you gain water weight that is inflammation.

I am also achy and walk like my age when I get out of a chair where i had gotten over that for a while.


What I would like to do and would love if we could all commit to it is do a by the book, strict, follow the rules and read all labels whole 30 together. Starting on Jan 1st.  I don't want to get derailed by Christmas and if I do it I want to do it exactly by the rules , no cheats. Does anybody else want to do that. We have never been in the same place with each other so it may be fun and encouraging to do it together.


I am going to post this before I lose it abd star another one.

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