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My first REAL Whole30, Starting 1 November 2014


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I am excited to commit.

I have been Paleo since August, but haven't done well regarding snacks, non-stop eating, dried fruit, nuts, nut butters...

I also travel for work weekly, so though I am really good at home, if I cannot find a whole foods during my business travel, I rely on the snacks I can carry. Coconut chips, nuts and dried fruit are killing my weight loss goals.

I have started carrying packets of tuna and salmon, and swiped the tiny salt and pepper shakers from my room service tray. That calmed my cravings during a long stretch between meals.

I am looking forward to not weighing myself obsessively, and not compromising on sugar. My coffee with gelatin, ghee and coconut oil is good, but only with a solid breakfast.

Thanks for your support

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