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Warm Evening Drink.


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As the weather cools been craving a warm drink to relax before bed and wind down. I used to use milk but is a no go, my teas have not arrived, have not been able to make any bone broth yet, and warm water just not appealing.   

Came up with this and was surprised at the taste  


1 large spoonful Coconut Oil

2 spoonful unsweetened 100% cocoa

hot water out of the kettle

Coconut milk to to add a bit of thickness.

( I have a 20 oz mug so is why I didn't give measurements on liquids)


stir vigorously. 



I'd like other's opinion of it. 

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Uh oh, Tessina.   No hot cocoa drinks on the W30.   You can use unsweetened cocoa to cook with...add a tad bit of flavor to a sauce  but not supposed to be drinking cocoa for evening relaxation.   It's snackety and no snacks are the general rule of thumb.


While 100% cocoa sure isn’t sweet in flavor, it’s chocolate-y enough that many will see it, use it and abuse it as a pseudo-chocolate crutch.  You know who you are -  the carb-addicted sugar-a-holics,  missing your beloved chocolate while on the Whole30.  And while you are here to change your habits, change your cravings and change your relationship with food… you are also desperate enough to get your fix by rationalizing the addition of “Whole30-approved” cocoa powder to your coffee, coconut milk and anything else that could act as a Pseudo-Chocolate Delivery Mechanism.

And that goes against everything the Whole30 stands for.

So while I have no issues with the technical properties of the food itself, I’m not okay with allowing a functioning chocolate substitute like 100% pure cocoa into our Whole30 program.  It’s not just about the food choices, it’s about breaking patterns, habits and cravings, and 100% pure cocoa is simply not contributing to that particular cause.

- See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/12/great-cocoa-debate/#sthash.cc5W7KUR.dpuf



Melissa says the rich, intense chocolate-y flavor of 100% cocoa could be reminiscent of your (old) favorite chocolate bar.  But using cinnamon in my PWO sweet potato could remind me of the glorious taste of a Cinnabon roll… and yet cinnamon gets two thumbs up from the Whole9! It’s not just about whether cocoa can be made into something that doesn’t even remotely resemble health food – it’s about carefully considering why you are choosing to eat it. If you’re still in the midst of your Whole9 Chocoholic Rehab Program, then steer clear (just like I’d tell those of you who are still in serious sugar withdrawal to pass on dried fruit initially). If, like me, you are in complete control of your Sugar Demons, then cocoa is nothing more than a spice, added to improve the flavour of your dishes.  Let’s not scapegoat the Theobroma cacao, people.  There are no direct down sides of 100% pure cocoa, and therefore it should be allowable by Whole30 standards. - See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/12/great-cocoa-debate/#sthash.cc5W7KUR.dpuf

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Am not fighting Chocolate Demons that I know of, I can't remember the last time I had a chocolate bar and I didn't have an urge to raid anyone's Halloween candy. The few pieces of candy I got from others I gave to someone else.   Was just trying to come up with a warm evening drink that had no caffeine since my organic teas haven't arrived yet.  I can see Melissa's position, but can also see Dallas's so I'm torn on if I made a goof.  

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