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"It Starts With Food" audiobook purchased on ITunes; accompanying PDF's of book not found anywhere on iTunes


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Thanks for responding to my question and including the links, but I'm not sure if that's what I'm supposed to receive.

The authors mention at the beginning of the audiobook that there are accompanying PDF's (since I didn't purchase a physical book) that will be referred to during the reading of the book (charts, recipes, whatever illustrations the book has, etc.) and that these PDF's would be available in iTunes (since that's where I downloaded the book).

My problem is that I don't see these PDF's anywhere in my iTunes.

I paid almost $18 for a book that I only have a part of.

I've reached out to Apple for support and haven't heard back from anyone yet... :/

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Ah. I didn't realize that's what you meant. I did find this article announcing the audiobook's availability and it does have this paragraph:


You’ll find these PDFs in your Audible or iTunes libraries when you buy the book, but note that you may find it in your iTunes music library instead of your books. (Weird, but sometimes that happens.) 



You may have already checked the music instead of book library, but thought I'd mention it. I hope you get it figured out soon.

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I purchased the audiobook  from ITunes as well and am having the same issue.  I checked my music library and there are not any PDF files.  I see that these files are available on the website but part of the reason that I purchased the book on ITunes was because of these additional files.

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