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Whoa! It's day Number 6 of a brand new journey!

So far so good I found some interesting things about myself especially with my likes you dislikes the first one being I really enjoy black coffee. I'm craving a lot less than I thought I would... but the headaches oh man the headaches nothing like being awakened by the pounding in the middle of the night!

Before starting the whole 30 I have been successful with a gluten free and dairy free diet ( with a slip in here or there) for both health and nutritional reasons I was successful in the last three years losing over 30 pounds and maintaining it. but now it's been over two years and I'm stuck at this new weight that I've never been at before... happy? Absolutely!! But I know I can do more!

About two years ago I picked up running as a hobby I really do enjoy this and try to get in about 20 miles a week; I've completed two half marathons and look forward to doing a full very soon however these past six days I haven't had it in me to go out for a little jog?! I'm hoping the headaches will subside and I can go out there and get some miles in!

Food is the easy part for me (I love reading about what everyone is eating)vhowever it's the mental part that's the hardest to get over, I know I don't have to count my calories but I'm just curious as to what I'm eating still with the whole 30 program and under 1200 cal a day I drink at least a gallon of water a day and I'm just hoping for some good results with clear skin, more energy, overall feeling GOOD and of course weight loss!

Here's to good health!

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I am with you in terms of going gluten and dairy free, and realizing how much better I feel when I am not eating any. I was eating healthy before stating a whole30, but I think what really made a difference in how I felt was the fact that there was no MSG, nor hidden sugars in any of my spices, and eating purely organic stuff. I went from having barely energy to move, to waking up feeling like I was 20 again, with no body aches. It took more than 30 to improve my digestive problems, and about 50 days to get a "head reset". Everything tastes different now, my taste buds are incredible at detecting junk in restaurant food, such as soy based ingredients, and I am sure you're energy will come back as soon as your system has gotten rid of all the toxins. Before you know it, you will be able to run again.

Good luck, and forget about calories. Eat according to the template, and you will just feel your clothes getting loose.

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Wait for it what's that you say no headache woo hoo! Is that a pep in my step, yes I'm happy to say day #7 and feeling great!

Not sure I'm eating enough where do I find out how much one should eat: I'm assuming the answer is probably in the book that I just picked up yesterday looking forward to getting into it

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