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I am approaching the two week mark and I am struggling SO HARD. All I think about is putting bread in my mouth. Plus, it's hard working as a night nurse with this. I feel like I haven't seen/really felt any change. 


Am I rushing? How can I help myself finish? 



Thanks all 

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Hi There!


Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties.  Are you able to give us some ideas on what your meals have looked like for a few days.  It could be a case of not eating enough or not getting enough carby veggies in your system.  But post a couple days worth of meals here and people should be able to help you trouble shoot.

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I echo Carla's request to post 2-3 days worth of your meals, along with your exercise routine, daily water consumption and average daily hours of sleep, so folks here can help with possible tweaks. 


A gentle reminder that it's a 30 day program (see 1st article link below).  Remind yourself of the reasons you chose to embark on a Whole30, and use those to motivate you to see the whole program through.


Also, here are a few articles that you may find helpful:


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