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Today...I had to start today...

New Year's Eve is why I decided to start on the 1st! My single, mostly widowed (yes, I'm old ;) ) friends and I celebrate together every year and we all bring food and drink. Needless to say, I toasted in the new year having consumed every non-whole 30 item available!

I'll be back later to log my daily bread *chuckle*

Here's to a happy, healthy, successful Whole 30 and Whole Year!


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Decided I need to put a few things out there: maybe if I see it every day, I will come closer to DOING it every day. My TO DO list for the month of Jan. 2015


1. No sugar! I love the "This isn't hard" pep talk in the intro to the program. It will be hard not having any sweet treats to sneak...on the other hand, I live alone so how sneaky can I be? Haha. More important and much harder will be saying no thank you to the candy and other sweets my bridge playing friends will be offering. I AM A BIG GIRL - I CAN DO THIS!

And, no creamer...ugggh. May be I will cut down on coffee and drink more tea. Sounds like a good thing.


2. Because I live alone, I like to eat infront of the TV. I can't even imagine how boring it will be eating at the table...not even able to be on the computer or read a book. Hmm, I seem to be dreading this even more than going without sugar. Maybe some music and candles will make me feel more serene and my meal more special.


3. Cooking. Simplicity is great...but it's also boring. I love Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed cookbook and started shopping and cooking one day a week. The problem is, I fix a chicken (usually rotisserie) and another meat that will make several meals. Clever, huh? Melissa changes the meal slightly from the first meal to the next time that item is used. I don't. I get lazy and eat rotisserie chicken and steak for the whole week. I will include a new way to use l/o each week. The one's in her book are so easy!


4. Last (may be), I will do some form of exercise every day. I do go to the gym 3X a week but then I do a lot of sitting when at home or playing bridge. I hate getting dressed for cold weather (It's 5 degrees today) but I will do it anyway...or do an exercise video. May be by the end of 30 days I'll have formed a habit! (Haha, my cynical side just said, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!" Guess I should work on that, too!)


My fervrant hope it that, at the end of 30 days, I will feel better physically and be able to sleep better. No more waking after 4 hours because I'm hungry again!


Dear Fatkat, I love you.

Learn to love me,


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OMG! I have a willful little child living in me! Not that I did so bad on the food part, though I did get lazy and ate the other half of lunch for dinner. BUT as I was starting to put my dinner on the table, I made a sharp turn to my comfortable chair & flipped on the TV. Of course I had not "set the right mood" to want to sit at the table.


So food:

Coffee w coconut milk

Breakfast - l/o chicken thigh (sauteed in butter w mushrooms) and green beans

Lunch - Steak, salad w mayo and olives

Snack - 2 strips of dried mango (no sugar) & a palm-full of almonds

Dinner - Steak with 1/4 c sauteed tomatoes & herbs, salad w mayo & olives


Is it bedtime yet? Right now is when I usually have chocolate & peppermint candy... <_<

Hmm, maybe some peppermint tea would help.

You can do this, Kathleen!

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Well, I made it through Day 1: I believe a did sleep better, though I did wake at the 4 hour mark I was not hungry and went right back to sleep for another 1 1/2 hour!


Today will be a bigger challenge and, yes, I have to write about it. Thinking about what I need to do (or not do) becomes a sort of secret...secrets are toxic to my confidence and my diet. Putting it in writing makes me more accountable. Even if it I'm the only one who sees it. I am able to treat myself like I would a friend, with more compassion and encouragement - less guilt and more permission to keep going.


So, here is today's plan;

Breakfast: coffee w coconut cream, l/o chicken thigh, 1/2 apple sauteed in a bit of butter


Grocery shopping

Lunch: egg omelet w mushrooms & avocado, cherry tomatoes

Bridge - Challenge, no sugar. Defense, sugar-free peppermint gum

Pick up great-granddaughter (10 y/o), Keeping her is no problem, just makes a busy day even longer.She is a dear girl and I am deeply troubled about her future health. My daughter and granddaughter are both obese and diabetic. And Katie is already a "diabetic-in-training". Very over-weight. I have tried to give her advice on eating but it only makes her feel guilty for not being able to resist eating what her mom and grandma feed her. I really need to "turn her over to the care of God". It will be better for both of us. I'll add this to my TO DO list.

Dinner: Hamburger, sweet potato fries, green beans


Be back later to let myself know how I did :)

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Well, best layed plans...I had told my friends I was going sugar-free for 30 days so I was very happy to find they had cheese, crackers & nuts instead of the usual sweets. Of course, I didn't eat the cheese and crackers but the thought was nice.


Then my son and his fiancee invited me (and ggdaughter) to dinner so I had pork chops with fresh vegetable sauce and green salad for dinner. They also knew of my 30 day committment so they did not have dessert.


So, all was well today and I was both too busy and in the company of family and friends so I didn't even think about cheating.

Day 2 done :)

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Went to bed with a headache last night and woke up with it. Didn't get much done around the house and that always makes me feel lazy, even when I'm not feeling up to par. Good thing I cleaned out most of the food I'm not supposed to eat on this tract. I did eat more nuts and drank more coffee than suggested. Food is comforting, even if it's a handful of crunchy nuts. And I always drink coffee when I take pain relievers (Tylenol). I think it makes it work better. BUT the game change here is NO CREAMER!


Breakfast: Coffee, sausage & eggs, green beans

Snack: 2 stips of dried mango & a palmful of walnuts...more coffee

Lunch: Beef & Veggie stoup

Snack: 2 strips of dried mango & a palmful of lighly salted almonds...more coffee

Dinner: Canned tuna, a couple of Tbs. mayo, olives, 1/2 avocado & green beans


Will have to play catch up tomorrow as 6 family members are coming to dinner. My sweet daughter is coming over early to help...we're making tamales (tho I'll be having the meat without the masa dough). 


Good night and good sleep, Kathleen - you need it! :)

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Woohoo, I didn't wake up until 6:00 this morning (well, once...you know)! Feeling rested and ready for today. Here's my plan:


Breakfast: coffee w coconut milk, sauteed sausage and green beans, topped with 2 poached eggs

Snack: Dried Mango & almonds (can you tell this is my favorite snack?)

Lunch; Hamburger patty, 1/2 avocado, olives & asparagus

Probably indulge myself with another coffee while cooking this afternoon

Dinner: Crockpot Pork, big salad with olive oil, red wine vinegar & salsa


I seem to do better, or at least the time goes by easier, when I am around other people - even when I'm not eating what they are. Of course, this is only day 4 so maybe the cravings haven't hit yet. I'll check back tonight to "tell the truth" about my resistence to making & serving family favorites.


Reminder: I can do this!!! ;)

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Everyone stayed late last night. Ten o'clock. I stayed close to my plan, though I did eat more dried mango while they ate chips and salsa. I mixed more spices in my portion of meat and topped it with salsa for dinner and did taste the rice for seasoning but not going to start my 30 over for one bite of rice. Feel good about my eating and that I didn't feel deprived. Of course, doing it on a regular basis (though we usually only have tamales once or twice a year)...


Son's fiance is going vegan starting today. I did a vegetarian diet for a year and did lose 20 lbs. I do think about it from time to time. But it's only been since I've been paleo that I've been able to stop b/p meds. And, even though my total cholesteral is higher, my triglycerides are lower. Hmmm...


Only define meal plan so far is eggs, avocado and green beans for breakfast. Then gym, then nail appointment and hair color. Some day I'll get old...but not today. :D

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Oh my...I don't know if this is a sugar withdrawl day, dark cloudy and windy day or just "one of those" days but my entire body failed me at the gym this morning. I felt fine when I got up this a.m. But 1 min into the elliptical and every muscle in my body felt fatigued! I finished a workout but it was a real struggle (and I did everything a little lighter).


I decided to skip the nail appointment and came home to rest instead. I may even take a short nap.


Strange. Don't like it. :unsure:

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I was pretty much a vegetable yesterday. Did get my hair colored but only because my granddaughter does it and she came to me :P  My food was as lazy as I was: l/o veggie beef stoup and 1/2 avocado for both lunch and dinner. Dried mango and nuts as a snack.


Feel better today (whew!). Saw a recipe for avocado deviled eggs and thought it would be good for breakfast...de-constructed, of course (more of that laziness showing). Wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Maybe it would be better as a lunch.Also had my usual coffee w coconut milk, a few olives and a couple of cherry tomatoes. At least I'm not hungry anymore :)


Plan for today:

Get nails done this morning

Lunch & bridge with friends - challenge - the restaurant we're going to serves tapas. I think they have a cobb salad so I'll order that.

Dinner: Left over tamale meat, asparagus & cauliflower


A friend at the gym gave me a Lilly Chocolate bar for Christmas. It is dark chocolate and sweetened with Stevia. I am not strong enough to even think about eating it. Some people (like Deb) can eat a couple of squares a day. I can't. Everything I eat, I eat to excess. I don't know that I will ever be able to open that bar. Even non-sugared chocolate may trigger a craving for the real thing! It makes me sad knowing I don't think like other people. Stupid brain...stupid body...


Okay, that's it. Tantrum over. Turn it over. I can't, HE can, I think I'll let HIM :rolleyes:

Get up and get going, Kathleen - you've got a busy day today! Woohoo!

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Just read this, and thank you for sharing! I don't have anything to add (I'm on Day 2 of my very first W30) but it seems to me you're doing great. I love how you encourage and challenge yourself here. I'm a big believer in the power of self talk, and I think you're helping ourself out by being your own best advocate. I need to remember to do that myself! :)

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Well, unless I slip and fall face first in a coconut cake before I go to bed, I successfully stayed on track. I did have a hamburger patty and a green salad for lunch instead of the Cobb salad. But I passed on the candy - subbing peach tea - and didn't even flinch when everyone started talking about what they ate on New Year's Eve...that's where the reference to the coconut cake came from.


Feeling good about me. Looking forward to a good night sleep.


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Two interesting observations: Since drinking my coffee w/o creamer, I've gone from 5+ cups a day (which I thought I needed for energy) to 2 cups in the morning. Not because it's one of the suggested rules, but because coffee without creamer is not a "treat" anymore. Coconut milk (from a can bacause it's thicker) is not the same as creamy sweet creamer. Plain coffee is just not that wonderful. :P


And second, this "journaling" is so much better than the "weigh & record every bite of food you eat in a day so we can tell you every thing you've done wrong in RED". I know I've only been doing this 7 days, but I am doing so much better just following some suggested guidelines and then assessing my whole DAY and my emotional state, and not being carb/fat/calories obsessed! I'm thinking this might be a good thing to do beyond the 30!


So my plan for today:

Breakfast, sausage & butternut squash


Natural Food store to get some more wonderful veggies

Lunch: last of the stoup & salad

Need to design a program for an upcoming convention, will relieve some stress/anxiety about getting it done!

Some cleaning & maybe empty another box (still moving in...4 months later ;) )

Dinner: Hamburger patty, veggies TBA


Ok world - here I come!!!

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2. Because I live alone, I like to eat infront of the TV. I can't even imagine how boring it will be eating at the table...not even able to be on the computer or read a book. Hmm, I seem to be dreading this even more than going without sugar.


Yes! This! I thought eating Whole30 would be pretty hard but so far, not automatically turning on the tv and eating on the couch is the hardest part!

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OMG! A new developement...BLOATING! I can't even get my pants buttoned. I know it says to expect it on the Whole 30 timeline but geez...and it should only last a week or so?! A WEEK?! Being over-weight isn't bad enough, now we have to endure bloat?! Great. :angry:


Ok, I guess if it's normal I can wait it out.


Thanks for sharing, stealthstitcher - I have yet to actually eat at the table.Maybe if it was summer and light but it's so dark during the winter. I feel like I'm being punished...which is kind of funny now that I said it. I've always been a really slow eater and was left at the table after everyone else was done and gone, as a kid. Haha. Still feel like that little kid ;)


Day 7 almost done. Not happy with the side-effects but feeling good about my program. I can do this. I can do this.

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Wow, I was so busy yesterday I completely missed logging it. Had to cancel gym (trainer) because of conitnued tummy problem...and was afraid I'd be sick all day but after diarreha (also mentioned on the timeline of what to expect) subsided, the bloat left also and my day was much better.I was also the one day of the month that is both challenging and unpredictable as far as food. The second Thurs. of each month I play bridge with 11 other gals at a friend's house. She serves lunch of "comfort ffod" and a tempting, also "comfort-type" dessert. I didn't really want to take my own food but thought I could eat sides and survive. She had fixed Ham & Vegetable soup, (with just a few beans that I ate around)  minced ham sandwiches (did not eat the bread), home pickled green beans (did not eat because I know they're made with sugar), cherry tomatoes, sliced apples and sectioned tangerines. For dessert she had custards. I had a few more tangerines and apple slices.


For dinner, my son had invited me and his future m-in-law to dinner (Chinese)  and the dress rehersal his fiancee is in. I wasn't sure I could find anything acceptable but I think I did ok. I'll have to check the allowed food list to be sure soy sauce is ok. Anyway, I had Mugu Gui Pan, which is only chicken and veggies, no rice or noodles. Enjoyed getting to know Sue better. She has a good sense of humor. And she really likes my son. Melanie's two (grown) sons joined us at the theater and they really like him, too, so I'm pretty happy for him.


Sooooo, it is finally today - PEO meeting this morning with grocery shopping after. Prep for the next few days of eat on plan :)

Breakfast: Sausage and eggs w coffee and coconut milk. Rarely anything I can eat at the meeting except maybe some fruit and nuts so I ate before I go.

Lunch: Lamb chops & green beans

Dinner: Chicken thighs & mushrooms (crockpot) and salad


Didn't finish that program I'm doing...ok, I barely even started...so that's my major TO DO today. Getting that done will free me up to think about other things.

Ok God, I'm ready...today is a GO!

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Hmm, two "blow it"s today:

1. We always have snacks before the PEO meeting, sometime light and sometime pretty extravagant depending on who's hostess. The hostess today was one of the more is good ones. Most was okay, what was not I didn't mind missing because she had fresh melons & pineapple. BUT she always includes expensive cheeses and before I even thought about it, I popped 2 small, tasting-sized pieces in my mouth...please don't make me start over! Please, don't make me start over! Which is a silly thing to say since I plan to keep eating this way long after 30 days. I just wanted to say I had made it! Jan. 30th - I made it. *deep, heavy sigh*


2. I didn't even work on the program because I have a headache. I don't think this is food related. I get barimetric pressure headaches and there is a storm coming in. So I didn't fix chicken for dinner either. I had hard-boiled eggs w mayo & mustard, green beans and some olives. Will probably go to bed early. Hope this headache leaves soon, I hate wasting time feeling bad.


Anyway, Good night, Mrs. Calabassas, where ever you are...

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Today is going to be a hard day, I can tell: woke up hungry, ate breakfast and still hungry. Not so much for food not allowed, just hungry. Have a feeling nothing is going to fill me up. But I'll start by going shopping (need to get chicken for today anyway). May be getting out of the house will help.


Tentative plan for today:

Breakfast: sausage & eggs

Lunch: ground beef & sweet potato hash, asparagus

Dinner: chicken thighs w mushrooms, sauteed baby bok choy

Snack: dried mango & almonds


Check your attitude and stay strong, Kathleen - I can do this!

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So, time to catch up (must get back to daily journaling!). Got side-tracked on the way to the grocery store Saturday and went to Tuesday Morning first. Love that store...discounts with out being overwhelmingly big (like TJ MAX or Ross). Anyway, I've been wanting a small fry pan and found a nice heavy steel one, 60% off. By the time I went to the grocery store I'd been hungry for several hours. I decided to get chicharones (you know, deep fried fat :rolleyes: ) which I thought would fill both my hunger and my need for a crunchy snack. That and salsa did the trick. Also got a steak that I had for dinner, along with mushrooms and green beans.


Yesterday was much better - even though I woke up at 5:00, it turned out to be a good thing. I got up, had some coffee w coconut milk, ate bacon & eggs and then tackled that program. Which turned out nicely, if I say so myself...even figured out how change an unknown file extension into a usable, savable picture file :P


Being relieved of my "need to get this done!" project, I took my daughter to lunch - had dry rubbed pork ribs and salad - and the movies to see the 75th anniversay release of The Wizard of Oz. My kids and I watched it every year when they were children but this was the first time either of us saw it on "the big screen". Lovely afternoon. And I didn't even smell the popcorn, a first for me! I had left overs for dinner w olives and 1/2 avocado.


Finally to today:

Breakfast: coffee w coconut milk, eggs and l/o mushrooms


Lunch: steak & salad


Dinner: Slow-cooked pork loin, sauteed baby bok choy, onion & bean sprouts


Got a good morning text from my son - always a good way to start the day  :D 

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Good Morning World

Woke up with a headache but it is already almost gone (Yay). Thought I might be tempted at bridge yesterday as we play at the Senior Center (2nd Mon) and they usually put out fresh cookies...but (thankyou God) no cookies yesterday! Haha


Daughter called when I got home and asked how to cook a turkey...after I told her, she admitted she was hoping I would cook it for her. LOL "You can have half of it, mom!" she pleaded. She works and plays hard (not really play; she and her son train horses and use the pay to rescue horses) so I agreed. So I cooked a turkey and a pork roast last night. Both turned out pretty tastey.


Today I play bridge...yes, again. Keeps me out of trouble and away from the refrigerator ;)

Breakfast: coffee w coconut milk, 1/2 sweet potato, bacon & eggs

Lunch: OUT - usually get salad bar because I can make a shrimp salad

Dinner: L/O pork, bok choy, green beans


A friend called last night to tell me about a new exercise class at her daughter's dance studio. It's called Pound...as in stomp not wieght. It is fast paced so it would be a good cardio workout and it's only $5 a class! The instructor says it can be modified for us "old folks" so I think I will give it a try. I really want to lose weight before my son's wedding in May! I haven't worn a dress in years and I am already dreading shopping for one...*sigh*


Ok, Kathleen, get your butt in gear. Today's a new day!

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