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Been 90-95% Whole30 for a year...still bathroom problems

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I did a Whole60 a little less than a year ago, and have continued to eat nearly Whole30 compliant since. (I've found I make myself a little crazy and miserable if I completely deprive myself forever). I also am a pretty competitive crossfitter and train 5-6 days a week for 2 or more hours a day. Here's my problem: I go multiple days sometimes without going to the bathroom (#2 y'all). Sometimes I feel bloated, sometimes I don't, but either way, I can't imagine this is normal.

I eat plenty of fat, veggies, and protein (or at least I think I do), so any suggestions?

Typical Day:


2 eggs, fresh pico, 1/2 avocado, 0.25 lbs homemade breakfast sausage, coffee w/ coconut milk

(sometimes small serving of fruit too)


Spinach salad with onions, full cage free chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, olive oil and balsamic dressing

Small ziploc of carrots


Can of wild caught tuna

1 cup or so worth of raw peppers


Either chicken breast or grass fed ground beef/steak/etc

Cooked veggie (Broccoli, sweet potato, brussel sprouts, I try to switch it up)

I work out either in the morning before breakfast, or at night before dinner and have SFH protein after. I feel like I'm doing it all right, so is it just me? What's going on!?

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I drink a ton of water all day, but I guess I normally have my coffee before my water in the morning.

Any suggestions on good quality magnesium supplements? I've thought about introducing a type of sauerkraut into my diet or something like that, its just an odd food to me that I'd have to work a little to incorporate.

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Try the magnesium. We are using magnesium citrate tablets-200mg each night. I know ISWF recommends Natural Calm magnesium powder, but I couldn't find it when we started.

Pineapple has been known to help too...and while I'm no expert, you could probably eat a little bit more in the veggie department. Maybe a serving at breakfast?

Good luck!

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Do you take probiotics or eat fermented foods? I remember reading a few places that diarreah typically (not always but in many cases) means your body is trying to eliminate something that doesn't agree with you whereas constipation is realted more to the absence of something that should be there but isn't (in this case healthy gut flora)...I think this makes sense since 80% of #2 is dead (good and bad)bacteria. I take magnesium supplements (mostly just for the supplementation) and found they didn't do much for me bathroom wise. Also, when you say you "go multiple days without" how long do you mean? 2, 3, 7?? I know others will probably disagree with me but I kinda question the ideal expectation that everyone should have a BM every single day. To me, if you've been eating cleanly, cut out allergens/intolerances (which is something else you may wanna consider - eggs? nuts? etc.), include probiotic foods, are somewhat active, and not stressed and still not going everyday, well then maybe that's just not the way your body was designed. I know many people in the natural health community don't share this sentiment but maybe it's not such an awful thing.

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Hey paleocrossfitter,

I have the same problem (4-5 days). I have been taking 1T of natural calm for over a year, I'm w30, and I drink 3-4L of water/day. I love kombucha and sauerkraut. Have you made any of the recommended changes? Any improvements? I just bought a probiotic and I'm hoping to see some positive results.


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I have to second what Robin said...I started drinking water before my coffee and it definitely helps! I also try to supplement a serving of fermented foods each day if I can and natural calm most nights before bed. If you have been this way for a year, it may be normal for you? I would suggest adding more cooked veggies and some sweet potatoes on days you CF. Throw some cooked spinach in with your breakfast!

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