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30 great days, our AAR and some before and after pics


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Hi there everyone


WE are so glad to report that we completed thirty days, in relatively strong fashion.  


I set out to chart the emotional journey and use the Whole30 to help me see and address my unhelpful beliefs, emotions and self image that contributes to my cravings and eating the 'wrong' foods.  Steve set out to lose his belly and feel better!


I achieved this and so much more.


Once we committed it was actually relatively easy, as we were solid, and IN.  I definitely craved  my lost food (almost like mourning lost friends!), and now I find myself reluctant to go anywhere near the old foods because I feel so much better.


Here is a copy and paste of my blog post with our results.    


IF you want to check out the blog which has all sorts of aspects since Day 1.... www.emotionaleatingadventures.wordpress.com.


And here is the AAR

What went well

  • Losing weight and centimetres … when being able to eat such yummy and abundant food.
  • Doing something together with Steve – that we both participated in, and supported each other with, and enjoyed the results we created together.
  • Learning tasty new recipes
  • Seeing my emotions settle down as well as to notice how much I crave food when I am emotional.
  • Tapping out some very negative emotional/belief stuff around my food / body relationship.
  • Sharing healthy possibilities with friends and even my local cafe staff who were curious, and having it be a way for us to take care of each other.
  • The extra energy I feel in my body.
  • My fingernails are stronger.
  • My skin is shinier and better.
  • My mental clarity is second to none.
  • My eyesight is better (I can read longer distances much better than prior).
  • My awareness about healthy ingrediensts and how to shop has skyrocketed
  • My kitchen has streamlined in to a healthy easy to use system and is free of unhealthy ingredients.
  • Sweet cravings dramatically diminished, and when I did have them, the degree of sweetness I desired changed dramatically (eg a piece of capsicum of a banana was what I wanted, the thought of chocolate or something sugary was not desirable).
  • My overall appetite declined over the days.
  • I have a very friendly team at the butcher that love to see me once or twice a week.  They even make our (free range antibiotic and added hormone free) chickens for which I have a standing order for every Monday, with their own special spice mix (free of E numbers as they would normally put on other chickens).
  • Learning the venues around Amsterdam that were happy to provide us with info about ingredients, and take care of us with the way we were eating.
  • We have been eating at home so much more than we were.
  • Learning how to be prepared. Having plenty of groceries, pre-preparing breakfasts, veggies sticks and ingredients to cook with.
What could have gone better?
  • My reliance on banana and coconut milk on quite a few days to sate my desire for sweet creaminess
  • My desire in the last ten days or so, for dried mango or dates, and nuts as a ‘get me through’ (although these often replaced big meals, so I was eating a lot less.
  • Um, or Monday de-skinning of the chickens could have been um, non-existent!!  We ‘should’ have been throwing the skin away (or putting it in the stock pot).
  • Number twos were a little squishier than should be, and apparently that’s due to having too much fat in the diet (and also capsicum and banana!) … which we had a fair amount of.
  • Not sure where this one fits:  Mourning the loss of foods that I have had in my life for my entire life!! Wanting, yet not wanting at the same time…. it really is about emotional needs, not physical food needs.
What I’ll do next time?
  • Attempt to be better prepared on Sundays with more pre-chopped veggies and quick grab items for Steve’s breakfast.
  • Learn more varied dishes in general.  We became quite reliant on a few staples.
  • Eat more fish.
  • Be better prepared with supplements.  We didn’t take zinc and we were hit and miss with our vitamin D and magnesium.
  • Lower our fat consumption.
  • Tap even more.
Steve’s AAR

Steve is yet to write his re-cap … and when he does … I will put his before and after pics with his report.

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Day 31 – The Final Count (Big Smiles) and our measurements chart

This is it!  30 Days of Clean Eating

We woke up very excitedly this morning to weigh in and measure up.  In fact that had a big bearing on our decision to just go straight to bed when we got home late last night instead of eating (our missed) dinner!

So here it is folks.  We are both very proud of ourselves.

Body Part Janine kg/cm lost Steve kg/cm lost Weight 6.3 kg 7.0 kg Chest (Nipple) 6.0 5.0 Diaphragm 9.5 9.0 Waist 6.0 10.0 Abdomen 6.5 5.0 Butt 7.5 4.0 Upper Thigh L 2.5 3.5 Upper Thigh R 2.5 2.5 Upper Knee L 2.0 1.0 Upper Knee R 3.0 0.5


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Congratulations.  Those were some really great results to read and I love that you took the time to really suss out what went well and what you could have done better.  The mark of someone making lasting change!  Good job!

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Hi, because we Steve had diarrhoea a lot, or at least loose stools, when he's accustomed to regular clean exit varieties ;) and I had a little bit too later on.  When Steve did some investigating on the forum somewhere, apparently it can be a sign of too high fat content.  We realise we perhaps could have had higher portions of veggies and lowered the fat content.

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