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Hi All,

I am attempting my first whole 30 and I was on Day 8. Except things went totally wrong last night. I travel a lot and I take food from home that has been pre made and frozen ahead of time. I have always done that. Except recently it has gotten a Paleo makeover. So I made some zucchini noodles, and added some home made tomato sauce that had been previously made (prior to me starting the whole 30) and reliazed that wine had been used to make it. I came to this conclusion after one or two bites.

Prior to this I had been so careful. Two days ago (Sunday) I even went to a restaurant for a family gathering and unbeknowst to me all the food had been pre-ordered and none of was whole 30 approved. So I went pretty hungry. Next time I will know I will have a meal ahead of time to make up for this. Lesson learned.

So right now I am feeling mighty discouraged and upset after doing so very well the day before. The last day or so has just gotten easier and now I have this set back. I know I can do this, and it's simply my brain throwing a fit, but I needed to vent here for a moment to others that understand the process.......

Thanks for listening! :-)

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That's what the forums are for! Don't beat yourself up about it - day 8 is still an awesome achievement, and I'm sure you'll keep going through to the end, especially if you're able to plan ahead and prepare meals. One or two bites of something with some red wine (probably pretty diluted down) doesn't sound like it has all gone to pot from where I'm standing, especially because it wasn't intentional! Take a deep breath, think about all you have achieved so far, how much better you were starting to feel, and carry on!

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! I am feeling a little better about now - but this morning was feeling like a disaster hit.

So if I am understanding correctly, the little bit of wine that was cooked into the sauce is not a major slip up? Then do I need to re-start?

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