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I thought I was on Day 3 -- but then I found out about chewing gum


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I woke up this morning thinking I was on Day 3. The day started with a massive headache (which I think is a result of caffeine withdrawal -- I used to have several cups of coffee a day plus a Diet Coke in the afternoon). But I made myself bacon and eggs and a small cup of fruit for breakfast, had my ONE cup of coffee for the day, and was feeling better.

One hour into work, and I'm feeling tired, sluggish, and I'm doing everything I can to resist the urge to run across the street to Starbucks for more coffee. I'm chewing away on a piece of gum, more to keep me awake than to avoid snacking, when I read that gum is a no-no.

No-no? OH NO! I mean, I understand why (and should have thought to check it out sooner), but does this one tiny error mean I have to start over? I've had maybe 1-2 pc/day since starting.

Other than that, I'm a bit surprised how icky I'm feeling on Day 3 (pretty much exactly in line with the day-by-day account of how one can expect to feel), since I had a fairly clean diet before (no wheat, minimal dairy, minimal-to-no processed foods). Either the few things I was still hanging on to were affecting me immensely, or I was more addicted to caffeine than I realized.

Advice / encouragement, please! (esp. on the gum and re-set issue)

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Hang in there! It's almost definitely the caffeine withdrawal. Resets are good. You'll make it!

As for the gum, technically you should restart. You're still early into it and it wouldn't be a huge hit. That being said, this program is really about awareness, and you've become more aware of your food choices, etc. Additionally, those 6ish pieces of gum aren't going to ruin your progress. as long as it's gluten/soy/dairy free (no idea what they could sneak in chewing gum), the sugar slip is minimal and a learning experience.

So, yes, you should restart, but we aren't the W30 police (well...kind of), and you're really only accountable to yourself, so it's your decision!

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Caffeine addition is a big issue. I hold onto my coffee with tight hands as it is my only traditional vice (no drinking, smoking or gambling for me). Of course, now it is without my cream or Splenda additions.

Rules are both a security blanket and a root sticking out of the ground (looking to trip us up when our attention fades).

I welcome the rules (security blanket) because they help define the "healthy" in healthy eating. They provide us with a clear playing field for the 30 (or 45, or 60) day challenge. When healthy is left up to my discretion, I travel from where I am now to elbow deep in a bag of cookies in less than a couple of days. The W30 rules help me define and clarify what is "in" and "out" of bounds. I need this rigidity right now.

With that said, it can cause us hardship and strife when one tiny error in judgment can jeopardize our progress. I am not the person to ask about start over or carry on. It is a tough one.

I feel it depends on your ability to wear an Astrix proud. What I mean is, at the end of 30 days, will you look back on the gum chewing incident as a black mark (or Astrix) on your achievement or will you be able to hold yourself up proud for your accomplishment. If the black mark of the gum chewing incident will bother you and you will have regret, start over. If you will be proud without regret, consider continuing.

For me on day 2 after days of sourcing my food and planning my start date, I was making Ten Minute Chili. I needed to add the spices and I had the packaging for my Cumin but had put my Chili Powder in my spice rack jars (did not have packaging). I could not verify if my chili powder had sulfites in it or not (without the packaging). I had 3 lbs of ground beef browned, all my veggies chopped/simmering and I had the moment of doubt. Do I proceed with using the chili powder not knowing or do I stop, ruin dinner and only proceed when I have purchased new chili powder that I can confirm has no sulfites in it?

I decided to proceed with making the chili but committed to sourcing out good (compliant) spices for all future meals in the W30 challenge. I paused and considered my options and felt that proceeding (without starting over or ruining the chili) was the option I would choose. I feel comfortable with this choice (and owning any associated Astrix).

Hope this makes sense. Of course, this is just one man's opinion.

On the topic of feeling cruddy... I know that day 2 for me (in the AM specifically) was tough. I had a headache and did not have any gusto what-so-ever. Conversely, on day three, I woke up feeling the best I have felt in years (despite the W30 time-line). Today (day 4) remains a good day but not as fantastic as yesterday (plus I have not wanted to kill all things - yet).



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Hello! You're only on Day 3, and having struggled with gum-chewing as a crutch myself, I'd say that it's worth considering starting over. Here's why: the Whole30 is a re-set button. I've found that cutting out the food-like-products from my diet has been 90% psychology, 10% physiology. I, too, was eating "fairly clean" before I started, but I couldn't believe the insidious junk that STILL made its way into my mouth from various places and for no physiological reason (i.e. perceived hunger, exertion, etc.). The gum thing was HUGE. If I was kinda hungry, I'd pop a piece of two. Bored? I've got a drawer full of gum for that! I was literally "chain-chewing". Quitting gum (and stevia) has been the most significant challenge for me during the past few days.

I'd say reflect on it a bit and think about why you sought chewing gum. If you think you could totally quit it, and not miss it a bit, then I'd say it's not a big deal and pick up tomorrow with Day 4. However, if you recognize it as an activity where you're not being mindful of what you put into your mouth...maybe tomorrow should be Day 1 again. It's all up to what you want to get out of your 30 days!

The icky feelings will go away soon - and hang in there, you're about to feel totally amazing.


A Day 10-er (and reformed gum addict)

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Thanks, everyone. Alright... Re-set. Tomorrow will be my new Day 1. And perhaps it's even more warranted, because I hit another roadblock: restaurants.

A friend wanted to take me out to lunch today to celebrate a recent accomplishment. It was a Caribbean restaurant. I thought I was being smart: I ordered the jerk chicken with plantains and subbed the rice/beans for broccoli and carrots. But the jerk seasoning was actually a sauce -- it didn't obviously contain any no-no's, but I didn't know what might be lurking (a pinch of sugar? a dash of soy sauce?). The vegetables also tasted like they had been cooked in (what I'm sure was regular -- not clarified) butter. Otherwise, the meal was on target.

What do you all do in situations like this? Should I be that annoying girl who asks the waiter the ingredients of everything in a dish, or do I just not eat out for the next 30 days? I'm not a regular restaurant-goer, btw...

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For sure you should be asking how everything is made. Let them know you are Allergic to dairy & gluten and therefore can not have any butter on or near your food.

I try to avoid restaurants during my whole 30 but it is a good exercise to practice. I have found some places are easier than others and they have to obey your dietary concerns. You just may be limited to what you can eat. I have had multiple meals of a plain lettuce and veggie salad because all of their meats were pre-marinated or breaded.

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