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Can I have...an Amen?!?


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So, I began my Whole 30 on Monday, April 13th which means today I am 10 days in! I can not even begin to describe how amazing I feel even after only 10 days! I have incredible energy and even when I begin to feel a bit sluggish I recognize it as needing to eat. I can sit back and really feel if my stomach is hungry and the longer I do this the more I notice the increase in time between meals 1, 2 and 3 which tells me I am eating enough during each meal! Success point for me! I am sleeping so well at night. Even with my 80 pound puppy that insists on wedging himself in between husband and I at night. My only disruption comes from needing to tinkle at night and I contribute that 100% to the scads of water I have been consuming. Ahh...water. My new love of water. Water and I have become besties since I've started this. I used to go out of my way to avoid what I believed was a tasteless necessity in life. Now, it is all I consume and it has even pushed my previous 4-5 cups of coffee a day out the window. Now if I have a cup it's a lot. 


I used to get heartburn. Everyday. It would wake me at night...greet me in the morning...plague me through out the day. Number of times I have had heartburn in the past 10 days? ZERO! Double success points for me! Now, I am someone who has always enjoyed cooking and baking. I went to culinary school in Rhode Island and I have always loved combining flavors, trying new things and the smell of freshly baked items coming from the oven. I dove in to the Whole 30 and my cooking prowess has soared! I have discovered a myriad ingredients! Did you know there are purple potatoes?!? I didn't. Strawberry papaya? Coconut cream? I had no idea these things existed and that's after 4 years of culinary training. I have learned the sheer deliciousness of grass fed beef. I have tasted the true bounty of the sea. My taste buds are suddenly alive and the best thing about it all...I can eat it all in jeans! I used to come home and change in to my comfy, loose-as-possible pants and chow down on whatever totally non-nutritious thing we were having for dinner that night and afterwards even my go to pants were too tight! I felt bloated, uncomfortably full and totally spent. Now after dinner (in my not so tight anymore jeans, mind you) I put on my headphones and tackle the dishes, prep lunch for tomorrow, and then head out for what has increased to an hour long walk around town.


I had three people tell me yesterday my skin is glowing. Granted husband is a nurse for a dermatologist but still my skin has never looked this good. My hair is shiny, my eyes are bright and I feel so much better in my clothes!


Tips for those just starting out:


(Especially if you work and most especially if that is in an office type setting) Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste to work with you! Holy garlic and onions, Batman! Trust me - since sugar free gum is a no no and I have already been caught twice with fresh mint stuck in my front teeth bring the toothbrush with you! Your co-workers will thank you. Fresh veggies are amazing but some of them are a tad smelly!


Go easy on the cauliflower. Or perhaps I should say probably not the best in two of three meals during the day. Again, especially at work! Gas and an office setting...not pleasant! 


Lastly (I can not claim this as my own advice but rather the BEST advice I got from one of the moderators here) forget what you know. Forget breakfast, lunch and dinner. Learn Meal 1, Meal 2 and Meal 3. Trust me! It is one of the keys to success here. Once I stopped trying to justify having chicken thighs and left overs for breakfast I had a WAY easier time prepping and planning meals. And tell people what you're doing! You will be so surprised at the amount of support you receive from friends, co-workers and family. But be prepared for the occasional nay-sayer. I am frequently asked, "So what do you eat"? "How is that healthy"? "You can't live without bread"! And to them I say "Real food", "How is that any of your binness" and "You're right I am totally standing here dead right now". 


Thank you Whole 30 people! You are absolutely changing my life and I am so grateful. Off to have my great big salad full of goodness now. Happy Whole 30ing friends!

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 I am frequently asked, "So what do you eat"? "How is that healthy"? "You can't live without bread"! And to them I say "Real food", "How is that any of your binness" and "You're right I am totally standing here dead right now". 


LOVED your success story but this part made me snort my tea!  LOL.

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Love the tip to forget what you know about meals. Thanks!!  I get soooo bored with eggs. That tip is a keeper!


And ditto on telling others what you're doing. I've been amazed at how supportive people have been. People who love you want you to be healthy!!

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