Day 3 - Need fat ideas


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I'm eating pork sausage for breakfast and 1/2 - 1 avocado for dinner, which is holding me very well. I need fat ideas for lunch. What is there beside avacado? I'm not staying full for 4-5 hours after lunch.

Today I had grilled chix w/cabbage and carrots and prob 3T of homemade mayo. That didn't hold me. Two hours later I had to have some nuts which I know we aren't supposed to do, so I need a better idea for fat. I did have a banana at lunch, was that the problem?

Please and thank you for your help!

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We need more details regarding your menu.

From what you posted it looks like this:

Breakfast: pork sausage

lunch: ?? (grilled chix with cabbage, carrots and 3T mayo, banana)?

dinner: 0.5-1 avocado


How much chicken did you have? How many veggies? 


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sorry about the vague meal plan, newbie. Here is today.

m1 lg handful of spinach and some diced tomatoes sautéed in olive oil, a palm serving of ground pork sausage and two eggs all cooked together. Felt fine until lunch.

M2 2 serving sizes of diced raw cabbage, one carrot, 1 serving size of grilled chix all mixed together with approx 3T of homemade mayo. One banana. (In case it matters, I do not crave sugar).two hours later felt hungry and then had some cashews.

M3 large bowl of salad greens, 1-1/2 serving of grilled chix, salsa and approx 1/2 to 3/4 of an avacado smashed into guacamole. Felt very full and two hours later still very full.

I did look at the shopping list, but still don't know how to incorporate those types of fats into my meals. I thot the mayo at lunch would be more than enough and I can't eat guacamole at every meal or I will get burned out. Do I need fattier meat, such as beef at lunch?

Thx for ur time.

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What are you counting as a serving size of vegetables? A handful of spinach cooks down to very little. The veg recommendation is 1-3 cups per meal.

You might try adding a fat like oilves to lunch, increasing the chicken portion, adding cooked veggies (roasted in olive oil, for example), or a fattier protein.

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My lunch is fairly similar to yours, but I mix up at least a TBSP of extra virgin olive oil with some balsamic vinaigrette in a little Tupperware thing-y and throw in some capers for flavor. The big salad with the chicken breast and the olive oil/balsamic keeps me pretty full. I can understand not wanting to get burned out on avocado.

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Your meal 1 & 2 look very light to me. As chris says spinach wilts down *a lot* , and with raw cabbage what looks like a lot actually amounts to very little.

I'd up the veggies at all meals, try to include some roasted starchy veg which tend to be more filling. Is chix chicken? I eat about two fist size portions of chicken as it seems to be less filling than beef or pork.

You could also add in some slices of bacon to that chicken salad - it would add flavour AND fat, and also some hard boiled egg.

For other fat ideas beef brisket is a good one - it's a pretty fatty cut of meat, but when slow cooked the fat breaks down & if yu use a crock pot you can add veggies in with the meat & they'll absorb the fat as they cook - and also (it may just be me, but...) the fat tastes good...!!

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I notice on both your breakfast and dinner, you're eating higher protein and at lunch you're at the lower end of the recommended protein amount. I would try bumping up the protein at lunch and pay special attention to the amount of veggies you're eating. Also, even though you're not craving sugar, fruit can still impact your blood sugar. It's possible that the banana caused a sudden increase in your blood sugar which would be followed by an insulin surge and a sugar crash which would result in hunger.


Other fat ideas:

Olive or other approved oil (I use avocado oil on my food sometimes and as a salad dressing)


Mayo-based sauces

Nut butter (sparingly)


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