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Intense Stomach Pains Week 4

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I'm in the middle of Week 4.


For the past few days anything I eat has been causing intense stomach pains.


Typical meals:


Chicken with asparagus

beef and salads

Lots of hard boiled eggs


I'm taking enzymes and probiotics.


Drinking lots of fresh vegetable juice (greens).


Only fruit is berries.


Poop is extremely loose.


What are your thoughts?

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My first thought is to lose the vegetable juice. 


My second thought is perhaps you have caught a stomach virus.


Could you formulate what you are eating into more solid look at how you eat (timing and servings) day to day?

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You can consume too many greens for your system to process. That leads to loose stools. Your green juices are probably causing trouble. Diarrhea can make your stomach hurt. 


You mention consuming no starchy, root veggies. Most people feel and perform much better when they eat at least one serving per day. Potatoes can also help with firming up loose stool. 


Your timing when taking enzymes can be a problem. They need to be taken with a meal or they can "burn" the stomach. 

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I thought potatoes were a NO food on Whole 30!


I do NOT have a stomach virus.

Potatoes got the green light in July 2014.




I would guess also that it is your juicing that is causing loose stools.  Try stopping that for a week or so and see how you do.

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