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Need eggscellent advice

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Hi Everyone,


I'm on day 11 of my first whole thirty, and I have a question for those who may know more about food sensitivities and reactions  than I do. I hope I'm not complicating the picture by mentioning that I've been vegetarian for over twenty years, but have eaten eggs regularly, on a daily basis for years and occasional fish (monthly). Now that I'm transitioning to the whole thirty I have been eating more fish (and different kinds), some chicken and bone broth, and lots of eggs.


Before my whole thirty began I would eat one egg/day, and now I am eating three or more per day. And this curious thing has been happening: my head has been seriously itchy. I'm a grown woman and have two kids so we did a lice check because we've been "there" before, but nothing. My poor husband has "checked" my head every few days. I'm not using any new products or detergents or anything like that. 


Side story is that I have had a corn sensitivity for decades. I have avoided all corn starch, corn syrup, modified food starch, natural flavors, etc., anything that could contain corn. And I know if there's hidden corn in a product because I break out in serious acne pustules around my mouth, and get dry flaky skin, also around my mouth and chin. It really sucks and takes a couple of weeks to heal completely, so I truly avoid it. 


Back to day 11. I've had some minor acne and dry flaky skin since beginning the whole thirty which puzzled me, and of course, the seriously itchy scalp. The only link to corn (or these symptoms) that I can deduce is that the hens whose eggs I've been eating are fed with a diet of 60% corn. I emailed the farmer, and he replied with the above percentage. Also the eggs are organic and raised on a small family farm. Could the proteins from corn-fed hens somehow come through into the eggs? Is this possible? and then what about eating more meat -- aren't many animals fed with corn? I've thought of sticking to fish but then that wouldn't help my body in way red meat would by providing iron, B-12, etc., right? 


I guess the next step is to avoid eggs for a few days and see if it gets better? 


Has anyone else experienced something like this?


Thanks for any advice!



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Wow, that is sensitive if it's the case.  But I would not necessarily be surprised, the human body is SO sensitive in some ways.


I wouldn't necessarily give up eggs but rather find some that are not corn fed.  If you feel the issue is the corn, giving up eggs altogether doesn't really tell you what you're trying to find out.

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Actually, fish and shellfish come with B12: http://www.healthaliciousness.com/articles/foods-high-in-vitamin-B12.php


Different farmers in different locations feed their chickens different diets. Sixty percent corn seems rather high, so that might be the issue. I would definitely back off on eggs for now, but look for another source and test again. However, it may be that your body can only handle one per day and not the 5 per day that some of us might eat. :)

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