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UGH! Red Lobster


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The holiday weekend left me unprepared. :(

After a long day of shopping with my daughter who was home from college, hubby offered to take us to Red Lobster. I thoguht for sure I could find something there. After bypassing the cheddar biscuits (sigh) and cocktails and asking lots of questions of the server I ordered grilled shrimp, no rice and steamed broccoli, emphasizing no butter or oil of any kind on the shrimp. All I wanted was PLAIN grilled shrimp. I ordered a house salad, no croutons and red wine vinegar only, not trusting the type of oil served with the O&V. I got my shrimp and it was obviously made with some sort of oil and seasonings. The broccoli also had seasonings which tasted like something I shouldn't have. Since all I had to eat all day was sugar free bacon, eggs and Bubbie's sauerkraut for breakfast I snarfed down the shrimp.

Aside from being better prepared, how badly did I mess up here? I am 2 weeks into my Whole30 and would hate to start over.


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I went to Red Lobster on Saturday night and happened to have some of the broccoli. I didn't think it was especially good, but didn't notice anything worrisome about it. I was disappointed in my lobster, liked my scallops, and loved my grilled shrimp. The shrimp probably were not prepared like I would have made them at home, but I would not worry about them being off-plan. I asked for the asparagus as a substitute for rice and they were good.

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Welp.  I try not to be too pesky with requests when I go out.   If server/kitchen doesn't know you're going to tip well... I'm  leery of kitchen antics.  I know folks who've worked in the kitchen and heard the stories. Squeaky wheel is going to get all of the grease, dirt off the floor and who knows what else.


If you can't deconstruct it at the table, taking off your own croutons, cheese, etc....I would try not to order it or ask for a deconstruction box on the side.   "I'm so stuffed, I could possibly eat all of this"...rice, noodles, croutons, cheese, biscuits, butter all tossed in the box.


You'll basically be left with the weeds.  A few sprigs of lettuce, a mealy old tomato...your protein.  You'll kick yourself for not spending $25 or $30 at the grocery store on good quality vege and protein.  Sometimes, we have to go out with the family.

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