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Cutting sugar before starting Whole30?


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Hello, my name is Lisa and I'm a sugar addict. I have been successful in cutting ALL sugar for perhaps a week, many years ago.


Sugar is my drug of choice. I am well aware it is wrecking havoc with my body and it's one of the reasons I'm committed to Whole30. That said, I have a great track record of failing to remove sugar...so I'm wondering about beginning to cut sugar now, about 10 days before my start date.


Biggest culprit - French vanilla creamer. I don't like coffee without it. At all. So basically I have a lil coffee with my creamer. I've decided I probably need to just quit coffee for the whole 30 rather than try to find some substitute - that's never worked in the past and I don't see it magically working now!


I've already quit gluten and I don't use gf baked procucts - doesn't taste good to me, so it's not worth  the carbs with my insulin resistance.


The occasional candy at work is a problem, as is a deep addiction to ice cream.


Has anyone had any experience with cutting sugar before or have further suggestions? Sure would appreciate it.

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You sound a lot like me Lisa! Sugar was my nemesis. My sugar issues have improved greatly! I too was an ice cream HOUND and now, I swear to you it's true, I don't even miss ice cream.


The best advice I can give you is embrace the non-sweet for 30 days. The longer you go without, the more sugar loses its hold on you. Don't buy fruit, except maybe a few berries and only eat a handful with your lunch.


Don't let fruit replace your veggies. Fill up on your template (or larger) size portions of meat, veggies and don't skimp on your fat.


The worst thing you can do is use anything sweet to satisfy your craving. It took me 2 Whole30s to realize this truth.

Don't eat anything sweet as a dessert, snack, etc. If you eat fruit, make it with a meal (never alone) and after you've eaten 1 - 3 cups veggies.


Stay far, far, far away from LARABARS or RXBars or dried fruit. If you need emergency food on a trip/work/car get some compliant Primal Pacs, Wild Zora jerky, EPIC bars (read your labels, the lamb and the turkey are compliant, not all are).


Re: coffee -- I had gotten rid of sweetened coffee before my Whole30, but was so nervous about not having full fat milk in it I started drinking black French Press a week before I started. It wasn't great but, I just didn't linger over my cup and stopped at one rather than several.


You can do this!

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During your whole 30 you're just not cutting out obvious sugars..  You must read all ingredient lists..  Even things you wouldn't think have sugar..  

Example  canned crab meat…    Then you really remove it from your body.. and yes the cravings will go away…  

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I think in my opinion not sure it would matter I'm an addict to sugar also I cut out added sugar it's been 29 days but had a few slips and to be honest i wish I would have just quit everything all at once get it all over with At the same time. Like ulrtarunnergirl said I would stay away from any of that stuff I wouldn't eat anything with sugar in it it can be a trigger. When you do this it's going to be hard at first but you'll start realizing how great you feel and you'll get to where you really won't miss it. Added to doing this I would journal and work on yr emotions of why you reach for sugar. For me if I did this not knowing what I know now it would end up not being good after the 30 days I'd end up binging on sugar but everyone is different and you may not have the same problem as me or as serious but it's one thing I've learned and it's a process you always learn as you go but this program is great I've been wanting to do it again to let go of the breads and flours I seem to have a harder time with that then sugar but the flours do the same it turns in to sugar in the body it doesn't make a difference just like sugar in fruit or natural sugar like honey your body receives it and reads it all the same. I have to watch potatoes, tomatoes, no grapes, limit my fruit, 1 fruit a day I can do apples which is what I usually eat but eating it with a fat or protein helps slow down the sugars. Anyway good luck I hope to start soon.

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Ultrarunnergirl has given you some excellent advice....


Here's more from Dallas and Melissa, too.


Dallas @ Whole9 says


August 4, 2010 at 8:02 pm



If you’re craving carbs  (read: SUGAR!) , eat Fat and Protein Giving yourself sugar is NOT the route to go. But also, adding 1/2 & 1/2 to your coffee won’t make you feel better. We’ve observed in (literally) hundreds of people that “falling off the wagon” with things like pizza and cake only lead to more “falling off”. Get back on the Good Food Train.



Melissa @ Whole9 says


August 19, 2010 at 5:34 pm


You don’t have to throw out all the sweet or savory stuff, but I do think you’re smart to realize you’re giving into the sugar demons with your sunflower seeds and raisins. If you’re craving sugar, don’t give your body sugar! Eat a high fat snack instead, with a little bit of protein, and tough it out. Break those cravings once and for all and you can go back to enjoying the occasional dried fruit and nut snack without worrying that it’s going to send you running for the nearest Krispy Kreme.




"Here’s what we typically see. People coming off a traditional “American” diet for the first time tend to rely heavily on fruit, nuts and nut butters in their first attempt at the Whole30. While they are much better food choices than you old sweet treats, obviously we’d encourage you to work your way towards better food choices, the further along you are in the program. So as you notice that you’re hitting the nut butters too hard, for example, perhaps pull back and try to add fat in the form of other good sources (coconut milk, avocado, olive oil, etc.). You’ll naturally become more aware of your food choices, the further along you go, and naturally develop a healthier, happier relationship with ALL foods.


Just know it’ll take longer than 30 days for that to happen! It’s really a life-long pursuit – breaking those old emotional ties to food and developing a new, healthier relationship. Just stick with it and continue to be honest with yourself about your food choices, cravings and habits, and the time WILL come when you can enjoy that chocolate bar and then jump right back on the Good Food Train."



This link ^^^^ will take you to the Sugar Manifesto written by Melissa and Dallas.   


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Is wish there's was a thread or forum file for sugar addicts ;) nice to know I'm not alone here

The percentage of Whole30 participants who do NOT have a problem with sugar to some degree is, in my experience, miniscule.  Remember that we are being catered to with foods developed by food scientists with levels of sugar never, ever seen in nature.  In some cases there are multiple different types of sugar in one product so that they can hit different parts of the brain in order to keep you as hooked as possible for as long as possible.    Sugar is a horrible legal drug that food manufacturers are allowed to use in unlimited quantities with the health and wellness of the consumer to be damned.


We are all you.  At some stage or another.  ;)

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