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advice for staying on track

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Hi. I'm 21 and I have completed whole30 once and absolutely loved it! It made me feel good and I lost weight without even trying. Since then I've continued to eat paleo and healthy except when I go on vacation and I'm around friends I tend to indulge more then I should. This summer I've been traveling a lot so I find it hard to keep on track. I want to go back on the whole30 again because when I was on it the first time I was so disciplined, but I'm having the hardest time devoting myself to it as much as I was the first round. I keep saying I'll start it, but then 2 days later I'll go out to eat with a friend and have a piece of bread or a glass of wine that turns into 2 or 3. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get back into it?! 




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But here’s the trick…

Just for one meal. You only have to go back to the  Whole30 for one meal. How easy is that? You can wrap your head around that—one Whole30 meal. Tell yourself that right now, for your next meal, you’ll make it Whole30. The meal after that, if you really, really want it to, can be popcorn and Cadbury Crème Eggs… but this meal is Whole30.

Proceed. Cook yourself some good food. Enjoy it. Allow yourself to feel the smug satisfaction that comes from doing something so incredible healthy. High-five yourself for a job well done.

And then repeat this same strategy for each and every meal. Tell yourself that just for this meal, you’re going to make it Whole30. The next meal can totally be double-cheese pizza and Nutella-slathered Oreos if you want it, but this meal is Whole30.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat, until you realize that you’re actually cruisin’ up the Whole30 freeway. (See what we just did there?) By now, you’ve distanced yourself from the empty reward of foods with no brakes, begun to correct your blood sugar regulation and restore hormonal balance, and given yourself a break from the emotional roller-coaster you’ve been on. And once you’ve got enough distance from the cravings, you can stop doing your little trick at every meal. (Or keep doing it for every meal, if it helps. This is one of my favorite motivational tools when I’m trying to change a habit.)

In summary: this is not as hard as you’ve made it out to be in your head. You know what works (the Whole30), and you know how to do it. So just do it—but don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Get back on the road one mile at a time, until your cravings and negative self-talk are just a speck in your rear-view mirror.

Best in health,

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