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Advice Welcome! Day 23 All good except very tired still


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Hi there;  I would like to know if anyone can give me some advice on this:  I'm doing great on the W30, Day 23.  I feel calm, and strong, and have much fewer aches when I wake up in the morning.   That said, I'm still tired though, and hungry a lot of the time (not making it four hours between meals).  I also started Cross Fit at the same time as the W30, and get to that about 3 times per week.  I am pretty active right now. 


So here's what I've been eating/sleeping/drinking last three days...fairly typical for me:


Water:  56oz

Sleep: 8hrs

Workout:  No workout


Breakfast:  2 eggs, potatoes

Lunch:  Mango, 2 eggs, 6 cashews, fresh peppers, W30 Mayo (2 tbsp)

Mid Afternoon:  1 egg, banana, 6 cashews

Dinner:  Ground beef, sweet potato, fresh veggies, asparagus



Water: 56oz

Sleep:  9 hours

Workout: Cross Fit



2 Eggs, Potatoes


Post Workout:  Nuts, Peach


Lunch: 2 long strips bacon, 2 oz coconut flakes (Daze, no sugar), Banana, 3/4 sweet potato


Mid Afternoon:  Plum, 20 cashews


Dinner:  Whole30 Mexican Chili, fresh peppers, 2oz W30 Mayo, 1/4 sweet potato




Water:  63oz

Sleep: 9 hours

Workout:  Yoga, cleaned out garage (lots of lifting)


Breakfast:  2 eggs, 1 cup fresh fruit


Post Yoga:  2 eggs ,banana


Lunch:  Chicken, Broccoli, 3/4 sweet potato


Mid Afternoon:  nuts, plum:  later, coconut flakes

Late Afternoon:  Later, plum, nuts
Dinner:  Duck breast, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers



Advice appreciated!   Thanks gang. 


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You're not eating enough. The fact that you are needing to snack confrms this.

Eggs when they are your sole source of protein should be the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand, which is 3-4 for most people. Fruit should not push veggies off of your plate - aim for 1-3 cups of veggies at every meal, then add fruit if you still have some room. Nuts are an inferior fat source and can be tough to digest. Bacon is a fat source on Whole30.

The recommendation for preWO is lean protein & fat, for post WO it's lean protein & an optional starchy carb - no fruits before or after.

You're eating a lot of fruit (which will play havoc with your blood sugar/appetite/energy), a lot of nuts, not enough protein & very little fat to sustain your activity level. You could also do with increasing your water intake.


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I am surprised you have made it to day 23 eating so little. The problem with eating so little is that it signals your metabolism to slow down and preserve energy/fat. When you eat according to our meal planning template - http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf- and get more food in you, your metabolism is likely to increase and make you feel better/more energetic.


56 ounces of water is okay if you weigh 112 pounds. We recommend 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day and it is okay to drink more when you exercise.

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No, def don't weight 112 Tom!   Thanks everyone for the advice.  I thought I had it but looks like I have some tinkering to do.  Thanks again, especially on the nuts.  A big part of it is I don't have an easy go to protein.  Have to do a little more planning.  

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I would be fainting on this amount of food.


Bacon is counted as fat. Check the Meal Template (link below) and try to match it, including the composition of your post WO meals.


Quick go-to protein: hard boiled eggs, Aidell's or Applegate Farms chicken & apple sausage (always read your labels - ingredients change)


You can do this!

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