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I am on day 3 of the whole 30 and am experiencing intervals of stomach pain. **Warning** Going to go into more detail about poop. 


OK- I warned you. 


So today I have had 2 loose stools. After the second one, I got a bad stomach ache. I know the book talks about how this program gets rid of "stomach bacteria" that live on sugar. Does anyone know if that could cause me to have stomach aches? 



Also, I haven't ate this much fruit/veggies in a lonnnnnggg time. I have ate processed foods and lots of sugary stuff for years. I think I am somewhat past the withdrawl stage. Had headaches yesterday, but nothing today. Generally feel OK today. Grumpy with spurts of happiness for the most part during the day, this evening I have been calm/fine. 


Is this normal? Is it possible for your body to have these kinds of reactions just from only eating whole foods? What an eye opener if so. 

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I assume one of the moderators will answer your questions with accurate Whole30 info, but I thought I'd share that I also experienced a pretty rough few days with diarrhea & stomach pain early on. I had previously been tossing a probiotic into my pre-W30 smoothies, and when the digestive problems showed up, I assumed it was because I was missing the probiotic, and started taking them again. Once my problem cleared up, I kind of forgot to take them for several days & eventually realized I don't need them any more. So yes... probably normal since I had the same experience, and it does clear up! I have seen other suggestions to go easy on the raw veg while your digestion is in turmoil.... at least partially cook all vegs for now. Good luck!!

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