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Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!


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Challenge, lifestyle, area of focus ... lots of different terms and metaphors to use.

Like there's lots of factors to a successful business, but certain months or quarters there might be a concentration on improving sales, or customer service, or doing a remodel on the office.  Or in housekeeping, you might always tidy up after yourself, but some weekends you give the garage extra attention, or wax the wood floors, or wash the curtains ...and then there's the classic "spring cleaning".

With the nature of internet forums and how people can pop in an out (looking at myself here ;)) I think it's cool to have a reliable thread like this to carry people on throughout the year.  It's a nice "thread" in both senses of the word to tie together the shorter episodic Whole30s people participate in.

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Hello and happy November!

I made it halfway through October's goals to work out consistently and keep up with daily blog posts, but after a couple weeks it all fell to the wayside. I guess it's just not a priority over maintaining some relationships with family members right now, so my focus shifted to putting in more quality time with my loved ones. All good things, all good things!

I haven't set any goals in November yet. I just had my birthday, and intended on doing some real good goal setting and planning, but I haven't been able to settle down enough to focus and decide what my priorities are just yet. Instead of beating myself up ("Why can't you just stay focused?!? How do you expect to improve on anything if you don't commit?") like I have in the past, I'm just rolling with it for now. I still have some major Life Stuff I'm dealing with, so I'm really embracing the idea that now is not the time to do All of The Things, and I just need to focus on taking good care of myself and my family. 

Also, since it was just my birthday, I spent last week absolutely cracking out on cake, Halloween candy, and wine/beer. The stress probably didn't help my decision making when choosing to grab another piece of candy or glass of wine. My tendonitis has flared up like I haven't experienced before, so this week my hubby and I are doing a few days of Whole30 eating to mini-reset and calm things down. I am amazed at how fast my body responded (poorly) to all of the sugar; usually it would be a few weeks/months before I really started to feel terrible again. But now I know I can reset and start to feel better, and I will be much more discretionary the next time I have the option to enjoy sugar. I'm really grateful that I'm starting to see the correlation between my food choices and how I feel. Very rarely is sugar worth the soreness and energy crash!

How is everyone else finishing out the year? Any thoughts or plans for 2017 yet?

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Hi everyone! Doing my monthly check-in over here.

I finally settled on November being a "Tidy-up" month. Every day I picked one or two chores or organizational goals to follow through on. It was a good way to get everything cleaned up and settled before the holiday/end-of-year season is upon us. I also started picking up my daily meditation habit again, which had drifted off of the priorities list lately. It's amazing how more in control I feel like I am when I get my 15 minutes of Headspace in and have a clean kitchen!

December is dubbed "SANTA! I KNOW HIM!" as I am focused on the holiday season. I love the holidays! I'm one of those obnoxious people that plays the Holiday Music Pandora channel nonstop and gets excited rather than irritated with Christmas decorations coming out right after Halloween. So every day in December I'm doing at least one holiday-related activity, whether it's decorating, shopping for gifts, wrapping said gifts, or just hanging out with the family with a fire going in the fireplace and some "nice toddies" (virgin hot toddies - basically lemon tea with honey ;) ). 

How has everyone's Year of Whole9 wrapped up? I am totally down for doing another one in 2017!

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