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London Fruit and Herb Company Herbal Tea


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My DH bought me a treat (he was complaining that there is nothing nice he can buy for me anymore!) - a package of London Fruit and Herb Company Strawberry and Vanilla Fool Herbal Tea bags. It lists the following ingredients:

Hibiscus, apple pomace, blackberry leaves, flavorings (6.5%), tartaric acid, licorice root, citric acid, rosehip, strawberry pomace, vanilla powder.


Compliant? I looked up the ingredients on the additives list etc. and they seem fine, but what about the 'flavorings'?

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Their own website states that none of their teas contain added sugars, or artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, and the online shop they share with Typhoo doesn't even actually list ingredients (!). That said a UK Healthstore selling the tea you mentioned lists their ingredients as follows:

Hibiscus (35%), Apple Pomace (31.75), Blackberry leaves (10%), Maltodextrin (10%), Liquorice Root (4.5%), Tartaric acid (3.5%), Strawberry Juice (2.36%), Flavouring (1.7%), Strawberry Fibres (1%), Rosehips (1%), Vanilla Pieces (1%), Citric Acid (0.75%).Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Of course the UK version could be different than the US version (as they tend to be) but I'd be surprised that the UK version would have added sugar if the US one didn't. Liquorice is also technically a legume, although as a flavouring I doubt it'd be problematic. 

I dunno, if it were me I'd probably hold off until after my Whole30, just to be sure - or I'd drop them an email & ask them to clarify...?


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