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How Long Did it Take You to Hit Tiger Blood?

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I am starting my second Whole 30.  I did the last over a year ago.  While I did see benefits during it, I certainly did not do the reintroduction right.  I also never experienced anything that I recognized as "Tiger Blood".


This time I am planning on staying on it until I experience that and being very careful about the reintroduction so I can recognize how specific foods affect me.


How long did it take you to hit tiger blood?  How did you recognize that you had?  I know that there is no single correct answer and that it depends on your individual overall health etc but wanted to get other people's perspectives on the experience.





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Three weeks.  I laughed like a hyena and danced around the house.   Others in my group experienced it right about the 3 week mark.    I've had other similar moments but the first burst was the truly the best.


I was using alot of bone broth and I didn't snack at all.  I did what Whole 30 suggests.... 4-5 hours inbetween meals without snacking.  I didn't eat any larabars whatsoever,  no dates and nut butter concoctions.  No late night eating, nadda.   Three meals loaded to the gills with the trifecta of health.  Protein, Vege and Super Fats.


I used MacNut Oil in my tea or thrown over my roasted vege, made balsamic reductions with it.


I did eat berries and citrus fruits thrown on top of my meals.  It didn't ruin anything.  Tiger Blood is real.  It happened. 

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This is my theory.  I think there's a strong correlation or connection between Tiger Blood and Fat Adapted.  It might take someone 3 weeks or even 6 weeks to be come fat adapted.  It depends on the condition of your body coming into a Whole 30. 


The higher the quality (not expensive) of proteins and fats and vege you use, the quicker it happens.  You don't need any processed bars or snacks.  None.   I think constant snacking slows or short-circuits the process.  The magic comes with 3 meals spaced 4-5 hours apart.   


This is what most of us did as children and we thrived.   Tiger Blood is a primal return to our roots. 

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Hi Reece,


Sometimes "tiger blood" can be a bit misleading.  Not everyone gets the insane energy, dance around, sing the praises, hair on fire feeling. Some people (a large majority, I think) get what is just....good.  They feel good.  Their energy is consistently good.  Their mood is level and good. They are sleeping well and waking up feeling stable.


Don't discount what could be "good" feelings because you aren't leaping buildings in a single bound.   :)


Also, check out this article: http://whole30.com/2014/04/tiger-blood/

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Also, if you find you stick to the Rules, but rarely the Recommendations, for some people that's where the magic is.


For me, the template and not snacking made a huge difference, it really sets my hormones at a happy & healthy level.


Not skipping snacks because I have a will of steel, but not snacking because I wasn't hungry, because the template meals kept me satisfied.

It's worth working on tweaking your plan if you're feeling hungry or tired.

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