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Need to snack every day

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I am following all the rules and I a trying really hard not to snack but I am hungry about 2 hours after I've eaten and unless I want to blow the whole thing I need to eat something.


I don't know exactly what I am doing wrong. Maybe I need more/different  food?


Here is a typical day.



3 egg omelet with a couple oz of chicken (made with ghee)

A lot of veggies



Large strir fry bowl

-4-6 oz of meat (shrimp, chicken, steak, ground beef)

-1 heaping tablespoon of sunshine sauce

-2-4 cups of veggies (carrots, cabbage, beets, celery, mushrooms, bok choi)

(I am stuffed afterward but 2 hours later I am ravenous)



-same as lunch


I have about 2-3 fruit a week. I have trouble with fruit sugars (always have) and get a rash so I can't have too much). But after 2 hours I will eat raw veggies or another smaller bowl of stir fry. Honestly I am hungry. I regularly fast for three days (broth and water only) and not felt that level of hunger.


Thanks for your help.

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While your lunch and dinner sound well composed and of a good size, it sounds like you need to add a lot more fat to these meals. The sunshine sauce is not nearly enough. Add olives, avocado, or nuts. Use fattier cuts of meat or fish.


When I was first starting this approach, I ate 4-5 meals per day. Planning a fourth meal is a reasonable choice if you are still getting hungry within 4 hours of your last meal. 

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 I regularly fast for three days (broth and water only) and not felt that level of hunger.



During these fasts, your body is burning fat for fuel ~ and you are not eating anything to raise insulin levels.


You are now eating cups and cups of vegetables, and some fruit...  and at least some of those are starchy vegetables.  You don't specify if you are eating starchy vegetables with every single meal -- but, if you are... and especially if you are not very active -- this can contribute to hunger, for sure.


Upping the fat is where you need to be for satiety ~ absolutely.  IF the thought of eating another bite of food makes you want to yak ~ I would suggest cutting back *a little* on the starchy veggies to make room for more fat.   You should see a noticeable difference in your hunger level, pretty much right away.

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Nuts worked to tame the snacking.

Are you "snacking" on the nuts or adding them to your meals? Nuts are not the best source of fat and can be hard to stop once you start as well as being hard on so many people's digestive systems. Better fat sources are avocado, coconut milk/oil, ghee, homemade mayo, olive or sesame oil drizzled on your veggies, compliant bacon, fattier cuts of meat, olives etc.

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