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I have been eating Whole 30 since Jan 1 with zero food cheats. Because this is so expensive I decided I would allow myself to cook through the 2lbs of sausage I had in the freezer. Yes, this is not compliant, but food waste drives me crazy and it just stares at me. I even blended it 50/50 with Ground Turkey when I cooked it and drained the fat. It didn't even cross my mind as an official "reintroduction." I noticed a day or so afterwards that the joint in my right pinky is inflammed and sore. I don't recall jamming it or injuring it in any other way. I've never noticed in my past this level of localized inflammation so I still think it could be a forgotten injury. 


But, I did just add back the sausage when the pain started. I feel fine otherwise. I looked at the label and it has potassium lactate in it. It is a preservative. I used to eat this sausage all the time and never noticed differences from eating it. I had already intended to eat the sausage and then go back to Whole 30 compliance. I still plan to finish it and see if my finger swelling goes down or up prior to finishing the batch (several days). Or, if it goes down or up after I'm back Whole 30. 


This is the first Whole 30 that I've kind of done reintro correctly, typically I just snap and eat everything and learn nothing from the experience. I'm intrigued to see if the pain/swelling gets worse or better through this process. I'm honestly geeking out about it a tad. 


I probably just stubbed it at the gym and forgot, though. Anyone else notice dramatic physical problems from a small amount of preservatives? I have really stayed away from them for awhile before this Whole 30, so my body may be freaking out about it. 


The sausage has been in the freezer this entire time, though. I don't believe it was bad at all prior to cooking.


Thank you,


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