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I just want to be normal!!!!


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Hi Friends!

I'm on day three, and must admit, kinda feeling sorry for myself....so, last night a friend called to invite my husband and me to go out this weekend...at first I was going to make up a lame excuse, then decided to tell her about Whole30.   She didn't get it- probably because I gave her a clif notes version, and not a good one at that.  She asked why I was doing this.."to feel better"....questions like that...she has been a stick her whole life, and has no idea about the struggle to regain health, or lose weight....but she asked me why I'm giving up drinking wine if I'm not giving it up forever....I had no answer....Do I have to give it up forever? As she was trying her best to get me to give in, she said "you cannot give up living your life just to diet"..... Now today, I'm feeling resentful that it's Friday night , and there's no unwinding with a glass of wine...and everyone else in the world can drink and eat what they want....Please does anyone else feel this way or felt this way? Will this go away? I read the attachment on my daily day 3 about "food grief" is that all this is? Just maybe looking for someone who "gets it".....

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You can eat and drink whatever you want also... you are CHOOSING to remove these foods from your diet for 30 days to add them back in strategically to see how they affect you.

This is 100% your choice and you really need to own it or you're going to feel resentful.

Do you have to give up wine forever? No, not at all... but you choose to give it up to help restore your health... 


Don't feel sorry for yourself... feel VIRTUOUS that you're doing this amazing thing for yourself to learn about your own body and health and you can even feel sorry for those that don't see the value in that... turn it around... YOU are choosing this amazing journey and your friend is just going to go and put junk and booze into her system and wake up feeling sluggy tomorrow... I think you win in that case!

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If it makes you feel better, not EVERYONE in the world can "drink and eat what they want." Spend some time on this forum, and you will see that lots of people have health issues (some quite serious) that require that they eliminate certain foods from their diets. And many of us struggle with drinking alcohol versus not, and many opt to give up drinking for the sake of their health and mental clarity. Google Whole 30 and wine and you will find numerous lengthy threads about this issue.


You can do this for 30 days, trust me. And then you can evaluate what's worth giving up and what's worth adding back in. Your decisions may surprise you. And you may end up on the fence about some decisions, needing more time and more Whole30s to make up your mind. But it's all sooooo worth it.  

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Yankeesfan It's hard to explain it to friends and family that don't get it. my mom had a similar reaction when I told her I couldn't come over for dinner the other night. She doesn't not cook Whole30 compliant. It mostly the way I grew up on the foods because of my mom's culture and my dad's (Nicaraguan / Palestinian). Lots of rice, bread, diary, for almost every meal.


Keep in mind you're doing this to help your body on the inside out. I'm on Day 5 and I've been having a hard time not having a glass on wine at night after work or having some rice, bread, and beans with my meals. It's difficult, and im detoxing with a headache and tiredness,  but I keep reminding myself that I made the decision to eat this way for 30 days to really take care of myself.

Like SugarcubeOD said, you don't have to give it up forever--but you chose to help restore your health. :) You can do this! 

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I applaud you for not making something up and being truthful in why your not partaking with wine, etc,, this weekend..  



Drives me nuts when people give an excuse instead of the truth :)    



GOOD JOB Yankees Fan :)

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If you're missing going over to other people's places, just take your own food.


Don't let people pressure you into drinking or eating things poor for your health.


Tell people it's important to you and you appreciate their support.

It's not forever, it's until you work out what's not making you feel so good.


I used to live with quite a lot of pain, often missing out on things as I just felt too terrible to do things.

Now I feel great and I have a whole new normal :) Now I feel this way, I don't want anything that makes me feel worse.

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I've found that my really good friends are just supportive of me, no matter what. I did my first W30 in March of this year and my best friend wanted to cook for me. I told her this month probably wasn't good because I'm doing W30 and she told me she would make it work. She looked up recipes and cooked me a wonderful dinner that I could eat, with a bowl of berries and coconut cream for dessert. She did let me know that I couldn't have the fish, but the chicken was amazing. 

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Yankeesfan - I'm new at this too so what do I know ... but in the book it says to make sure you have a support system in place.  I guess my thought when I read your posting was that immediately after hanging up the phone with your unsupportive friend, it might help to call someone who you know is SUPPORTIVE, just to help pick you back up again, and get you back to feeling good about your decision!!!  Hang in there, and good for you for posting to the forum (as your "supportive friends")!!

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Tomorrow I take a day field trip for a photography class and I'm packing lots of veggies, protein, and an apple with almond butter.  If I pack it, I will eat it......but the teacher wants to stop for coffee and a "roll"......if she is going to the place I think, it is full of homemade doughnuts.  I decided I just won't go in and be dammed what anyone else thinks.  I had a really rough day today (day 4), and so far have made it through.  i know I will feel better after a week or so, but I have lots of toxins to get out of this ole body!  We are normal, they're not!!

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