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What? I did it? Yay ME!!!


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I hit 30 days yesterday! So, I'm "officially" done with my Whole30 now and feeling great about what I've learned and accomplished.

1. Down 9 pounds.

2. Down almost 4% in my body fat

3. Don't really care about #1 and #2 because the scale no longer dictates how I feel!

4. I like guacamole and sweet potatoes now.

5. Had my first "off-road" meal today because I left my super yummy leftovers at home. Didn't feel sick at all, but felt "blah" - didn't feel nourished really and got REALLY tired afterwards. Whole30 carbs = good. Off road carbs = not so much.

6. SOOOO grateful for #5 because I know that it's part of learning what effect certain foods will have on me and I can now be in control of what I put in my mouth.

7. Never thought in my wildness dreams that I would be able to say that I'm in control of what I put in my mouth.

8. Skin looks better.

9. I found my waist.

10. I lost my butt.

11. I get to go shopping for smaller pants and jeans.

12. I have more energy (not a lot more, but more is more!)

13. I discovered that jogging doesn't totally suck.

14. I made new "friends" on this forum.

15. I can continue this post-Whole30 high as long as I CHOOSE to, because I AM IN CONTROL NOW!!

For those of you still on your journey, have faith. It's worth it. I found PEACE with this program. It's not over for me, its just the first step. But that first step was a huge one and I'll be forever grateful that I had the courage to take it.

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Thank you so much for posting this! I'm on day 5 and it's so helpful to see others at the end (or beginning, however you choose to look at it:) who have such positive experiences. It does give me hope! AND it's actual proof that this deal does work if I'm willing to do the work, because I see it work for others.

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