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Help with a non-strict whole 30, and forum disagreements

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A recent post in my Whole 30 log has me kind of reeling; it's pretty, ahem, mean.


I don't want to argue with the poster... but I would like some other opinions, especially from the more senior members. I'm uncomfortable with disapproval, and the person disapproving of me seems pretty new to all this.

Any alternate viewpoints? Or the same viewpoints, but maybe voiced more gently?


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I'm not a senior member or a mod, but I just scrolled through your log. I guess I would say there is no such thing as a non-strict whole 30-- the whole 30 by nature is strict for a reason.

I would call what you are doing off-roading, or paleo-ish, or Whole-ish 30. So maybe you can reframe it to be 30 days of offroading, if the structure of the 30 days helps you be stricter then what you would normally be. It seems that you are mostly focused on the 30 day element, vs the Whole element, hence you not wanting to start over despite several blatant off-plan choices.

I think calling it a Whole 30 and kind of fudging things here and there can be frustrating to other users who ARE saying no to BBQ sauce and butter.

If the 30 day frame helps, and the logging helps, then keep doing it but perhaps change the way you've framed it, both for yourself and for readers who are looking to learn from your journey.

Hope that helps :)

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Hi, I've read your blog and you sound like a really nice guy, I'm sorry you felt people were being mean to you. No one likes to feel like that.

Now, the positives, you seem to have really changed your eating habits and I'm sure your diet has improved a lot. You've also worked out your priorities and decided what is really important to you - the month at the gym. That's great, it takes some people (I'm one of them :) ) ages to decide what matters most.

Now, sorry but here comes the tough love, you haven't really been 100% compliant with W30 right from day 1, when you had a bit of sweet sauce someone told you was not enough to matter. You've had brown butter instead of ghee, various odd bits of dairy, Chicken with unknown marinade, BBQ sauce and, to be honest, even the pizza crackers are very high in sunflower and flax seeds (I used to make these regularly when I was a raw foodist). You admit yourself you're maybe not yet commited to a W30 without butter.

Now the positives again. You said yourself

"What I haven't done is stock my fridge with dairy or deliberately eat a piece of cheese or add cream to my coffee or eat a meal that has cheese as a main component. That's a big change for me, but it's not *strictly* a whole 30.

I *have* been holding firm to no grains, legumes, alcohol, no added sugar or sweeteners, hardly any dried fruit, and the meal-planning guides. All of that together at once is a pretty big change for me too."

So it's not been strictly a W30 but you've made vast improvements and just look at how much you've learned. Only you can decide what you want to do now. You can concentrate on the gym and put the W30 off til you're doing the one in January, hopefully still making good food choices along the way :) or you can decide to restart and get a good clean W30 under your belt before you do the communal one. The choice is yours but good luck whatever you decide

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I did not think anyone was mean to you in the comments. I think people really like you and it shows in the comments. There was confrontation and tough love, but I didn't see anything mean. Now I was warned at work that I had to stop making support staff cry, so my definition of mean may be narrow compared to yours.

I moved Benji's Fall Whole30 to the Post-Whole30 log area because it read more like an exploration of living according to Whole30 principles after a Whole30. You are going off road way too much to call it a Whole30. I don't know if what I am saying feels mean or tough love or what, but it is what it is.

I think exploring how to eat post Whole30 is valuable and can be useful to people who are looking at what they might do next, but it is confusing to call it a non-strict Whole30. As someone said, you either do a Whole30 or you don't.

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