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fruit "binge"


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Today is day 15 (woohoo, half way!). I mostly feel great, though I definitely went through the "gimme a damn twinkie" feelings the last couple days. I was really surprised as my sugar cravings had been so under control, BUT THEN I realized that starting day 12 or 13 is when I had picked up some dried mango at the store. It was definitely compliant, so that wasn't the issue, but I realized that I had been eating a piece or two at the end of dinner for a few days. I had totally been setting off my sugar cravings by eating dried mango! Some days I'll eat blackberries with a little nut butter and coconut shred incorporated with a meal but that wasn't triggering me the way that the dried mango is! Last night I promised myself no more dried mango for the rest of W30, I don't need it. Sheesh, self sabotage can run rampant.

Anyone else catching themselves using fruit as a crutch and seeing how it flares sugar cravings? 

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Truth.  I don't use fruit to prop anything UP. 

I used to avoid all fruit as a rabid dieter and binge eater.  Immediately sliding back off the goose into piles of carbs was fine but fruit was always out.  That twisted thinking ruined my relationship with food. 

So I can eat fruit and it doesn't trigger anything. I cannot eat 2 apples in one sitting and barely 1/2 of one at that.  Dried fruits have highly concentrated sugar contents, all of them. I eat real fruit instead for best blood sugar management. 

Nut butter/fruit combos trigger many. I don't eat nut butters because PB and J was never my sandwich.  

I use fruit for a condiment and nuts as a decoration. Fruit thrown in the midst of recipe.   Berries in an omelette or meatloaf, poultry recipe or balsamic reduction.  Sliced fruit/berries mixed with fresh greens or vege.  

Fruit for W30 should be eaten directly after a meal and not standing alone. I can take it or leave it.  It  doesn't prop up my cravings like bread, pasta, cornbread, other people's bread and even stale bread for the ducks which just reminds me of croutons.  Well, we just don't have the time.   feed ducks smiley

I'm glad you pulled yourself from the dried mango brink. Keep inspiring us with your good decisions.  

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