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Days 1 and 2, I felt pretty good and optimistic about my new WHole30 plan.
Days 3 and 4, I felt sick. I had flu like symptoms. Temperature, body aches, headache, weakness..... But I read in the instructions of this diet that most people report feeling "sick" on days 3 or 4. AND I TOTALLY DID!  so I rested as much as I could and here's Days 5 and I'm FINE! Good as new! Is it possible that my body was really responding to the change in my diet? What was I consuming so often that when I stopped for just a couple of days that I actually felt sick!? Was it the sugar? Was it alcohol? Was it dairy? Was it breads? bizzare! This is the strictest I've EVER been with my diet, so WHO KNOWs!?
And that's the freakin' point of this program! To simplify my diet for 30 days and then after that time i'm going to slowly reintroduce those types of foods to see how I react/respond to them. See what foods make me feel good and which foods make me feel bad. It's that simple.
So Today is Day 6 for me on this Whole30 program and I feel PRETTY GOOD! haha. I don't have any more of those symptoms and I actually feel really good. Another thing I wasn't expecting is....i feel less bloated. I didn't even know I WAS bloated. But i guess i was. my tummy FEELS smaller. Unfortunately..... i did NOT measure myself before the program. I don't know why..... I guess, i'm self-concious. and I always think there won't be much difference so why measure.... but i need to learn my lesson and just measure already. So i'm doing that today and will share that.
I just want to be upfront about the foods i'm consuming.
So for the last 6 days, I have drastically changed my diet.
For the last 6 days, I have only been eating whole foods. It's that simple.
I will simply list what I've had:
-Organic, pasture raised eggs ( I like to scramble them) (also keep boiled eggs in the fridge for a quick grab if needed for the mornings sprinkled with paprika)
-Red peppers
-Romaine Lettuce
- Olives  (Kalamata and Pimento stuffed)
- Carrots
-Hormone/ antibiotic free chicken (baked in the oven with lite olive oil)
-Hormone / antibiotic free beef sirloin (recipe above with garlic/shallots)
-Green Beans
-Coconut Cream (whipped...yum) (recipe above)
-Balsamic Vinegar
-Avocado (LOVEEEE)
-coconut oil
- an apple every day. ( first thing when I wake up, actually. It's very refreshing) ( someone gave me this idea, but I can't remember who)
- broccoli
- coconut water (zico brand, because its pure coconut water, no added sugar)
- black coffee
- LOTS of water
- oranges.
That's pretty much it.

What i'm taking in is JUST as IMPORTANT as what i'm leaving out.
What i'd usually consume, that I HAVE NOT is:
- a couple of bowls of ice cream (blue bell mint chocolate chip)
- a couple glasses of wine ( red or white)
- a couple glasses of milk
- a yogurt or two
- Maybe one beer
- bacon
What I had cravings for but ignored:
- waffles
- cheese
- rice crispies cereal
- The salted caramel cake in my fridge. haha (its gone now, thank god. lol)
- A big juicy burger
What I might ~Usually eat, but Did not crave these past 6 days:
-White Bread
- Yogurt (I usually eat Yoplait whips)
- Chocolate, Candy. Caramels.
-  Wine
- Beer
It's funny, because I wouldn't usually eat these things, maybe every now and then,,,, but it's funny the things you crave when you stop eating things with ADDED SUGAR. Only eating natural sugars. ahaha.  I like eat waffles MAYBE once every 3 months. hahaha
I listened to a podcast yesterday about the science behind Artificial Sweeteners and whether they are good for us or not and How they change our taste preferences. Real Eye opening. The podcast is called "Stuff You Should Know". I've been listening to this podcast for 6 years now and I LOVE it. It's hosted by two guys Josh and Chuck. They talk about all kinds of topics. Are real chill, funny, charming, informative.  Good stuff to listen to while you're driving or cleaning house.
So here's to being successful in the Whole30 plan for another day! and a few more to come!!! I feel good!
My Song of the Day!
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