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Twenty-two days with varying degrees of off-roading is too much. Not too focused lately and enough is enough. Decided last night after some serious snacking on very non-compliant foods and a couple glasses of wine that the pattern of bad behavior needs to be broken and replaced with healthier choices. I am so thankful this is my third Whole30 so I know what I can eat and I already have plenty of wonderful foods here in my home to choose from. The problem the past few weeks is that I just wasn't choosing them often enough...

My post Whole30 log is linked here...http://forum.whole9l...olehealthylife/

Within my post Whole30 log there is a link to my Whole30 #2 log from August.

I started Whole30 #3 today, October 23rd which means I will complete Day 30 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Seems perfect timing because I will be a mindful eater on Thanksgiving and if past experience repeats, I will not off-road much on Day 31.

It was a quick decision last night that enough is enough and I had to begin Whole30 #3 TODAY. I signed up for the Whole30 daily just for fun and a continual reminder of what I am trying to do. I won't actually get the Day 1 e-mail until tomorrow but who cares.

For me, my Whole30 #3 goals are aggressive, and I may fall a bit short some days, but I am trying to set the bar higher for myself so I can achieve the results I want. My ultimate goal is to develop a consistent healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercise and eating primarily whole, unprocessed foods and routine exclusion of grains, dairy and sugar. I am not trying to do a Whole365, but limiting off-roading post Whole30 is another challenge to face later. I am thankful to return to Whole30 #3 faster than I did Whole30 #2. ;)

My Primary goals for Whole30 #3:

  1. Make sleep a priority. Wind down earlier each night, and read a little of a good fun book before bed. Lights out by 10 pm during the week since I get up each morning at 6 to get kids off to school.
  2. Follow the meal template and eat three good meals a day. Make breakfast and lunch substantial enough that dinner is not my largest meal of the day, but rather equal to lunch or smaller.
  3. No snacking unless physically hungry. The mindless eating habit must be broken!

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Thanks for the support LauraB, Tom, Bridget and Keri.

If this won't hold be accountable to myself, nothing will. This is the post I just put on FB...

"It's Whole30 #3 Day 1. I feel great and have tons of energy during a Whole30, but it's a challenge not to slip back too far into unhealthy eating (and drinking!) habits when my Whole30 ends. Time for a reset with Whole30 #3!"

I also shared the link to the Whole9 blog "Keep Calm and Whole30 On"

And I updated my profile pic to the "Keep Calm and Whole30 On" graphic.

No turning back! No waffling! Time to break some old bad habits and build stronger new ones! It's time to do some work I have been putting off regarding emotionai and stress snacking and eating. Like my signature quote says, "Don't be upset with the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do." I plan to EARN some awesome results with this Whole30. :)

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Whole30 #3

10/23 Day 1

Meal 1: Spinach sautéed with ghee topped with three poached eggs. Black coffee.

Meal 2: Kale with ground beef and tomatoes. Almonds. Some baby carrots.

Meal 3: Salad with taco seasoned grass fed ground beef, tomatoes, salsa and a whole avocado. One hour after dinner – handful of almonds and a small apple.

Exercise: 20 minute walk.

Sleep last night: 7 hours.

Not a perfect day but it was much better than the days before. Feel good. Need to get to bed a little earlier tonight.

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Day 2

Meal 1: 3 poached eggs with broccoli, ghee. Coffee.

Post workout: AF beef hot dog, baby carrots.

Meal 2: Chicken salad (chicken, celery, walnuts, red grapes, mayo, onion powder, garlic powder, curry powder, salt), peach.

Meal 3: Dover sole, green beans with almonds and ghee, plus a few baby carrots and a couple of bites of banana while I prepared dinner, plus a handful of almonds post dinner (maybe 30 minutes later). Odd combo I know.

Evening: A bottle of Gingerade Kombucha.

Exercise: 30 minute walk after Meal 1. 30 minutes strength training later in the morning. Deadlifts - final two sets 135x2. Standing Overhead Press - final set 60x4. Jonathan made me stop because that 4th rep was a tough one. Not sure I could have locked out a fifth but I kinda wanted to try. I trust him so I stopped. Then I did fun stuff like some Bulgarian split squats with a ten lb (?not really sure what he handed me?) plate in my hands and box jumps to end the session.

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Whole30 #3, Day 3

Meal 1: 3 eggs, coffee.

Meal 2: Coconut curry soup, a few apple slices, and a small banana. The soup ingredients were: TJ's seafood blend, chicken broth, coconut milk, green curry paste, garlic, onion, and a lot of kale. Yum.

My house smells like cinnamon... :)

I have cinnamon apples drying in the dehydrator on three trays, and two trays have London broil (marinated earlier today in coconut aminos and spices) to make beef jerky. My kids had fun peeling/slicing/coring the apples, breaking the spiral sliced apple into chunks, coating them with cinnamon, and placing them on the trays. And I have golden beets (tossed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil) roasting in the oven. Good "cooking" day!

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Thanks cpb!

Day 3 cont'd...

Meal 3: Didn't really sit down for a "meal" Over the course of an hour or so I had roasted beets, some leftover grassfed ground beef with tomatoes, garlic and onion, beef jerky, some baby carrots and a few bites of apple. Later in the evening I had sunflower seeds and a lot of raisins. Boo for snacking...

Have not been reading before bed and doing "lights out at 10pm". Something to work on for the rest of my Whole30.

This morning I trained with Jonathan. After warming up, I did a couple sets of squats at 135x5 and then asked if I could try for 140...


i did two sets of 140x2. :D

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AWESOME! I am a little jealous!! I have been trying to get to my BW for a while, and when I started CF I felt like I was starting over since the squats are so much deeper than my pseudo almost parallel squats I had been doing! I'm getting closer and hope to hit my BW by Jan 1!

My bedtime habits have been less than optimal, too. Definitely gotta work on that one.

Happy Friday!

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Whole30 #3 Day 4

Yesterday was compliant with the exception of a little bacon on my spinach salad last night when we were out. The rest of the salad was fine, no cheese or croutons, and I had the waiter bring balsamic vinegar to the table for me to use as my dressing. I am continuing my Whole30 and not adding days. Since it is my third Whole30 I am not going to sweat this one indiscretion.

My foods were compliant, but meals were haphazard. I ate a good breakfast but then seemed to graze throughout the day. I snacked last night on sunflower seeds and walnuts. Not my best day, but still managed to avoid grains, dairy, alcohol and sugar, so all in all I still say it was a success.

Busy day planned today with T-ball, soccer and baseball games plus end of the season pizza parties after each of the three games. I will bring my water bottle, some baby carrots, apples and my homemade beef jerky to the games for sustenance. I am getting ready to have eggs for breakfast.

P.S. I did heavy squats yesterday and bench press. My core is sore today which means my back and abs are getting a bit stronger. Love heavy lifting!

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Thanks Derval! It was a happy training day indeed. I can always tell I worked hard the morning after a heavier training day. When I got out of bed this morning, my core was so tight it hurt for a few moments as I lifted up my torso to a sitting position. Makes me cringe AND smile every time. I really LIKE the PAIN! :)

All three games and pizza parties are over thankfully and I abstained from the pizza, cookies and soda It was a tough but good Mom day. I had put together one page with all the kids game times for the season and wrote one time down wrong. We showed up at the end of my son's final baseball game of the season and he was CRUSHED and so upset he didn't even join the team for the final inning. Wouldn't even go in the dugout, much less play. I was DEVASTATED. Then I redeemed myself a little while later and after the pizza party, with the coach's help, I dug through an enormous Lost and Found pile to find the baseball glove he lost the week before. My daughter's final soccer game was later in the afternoon. She has such a fight in her, she is strong and athletic and she tries so hard and has come so close to scoring a goal all season, but never could close it out. Today she scored TWICE. OMG I wish I had it on video, she was so excited! The whole team was...

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Well done to your daughter, it is great to see them so happy and their efforts paying off. Alex's xc league results came out the other night - he came in 3rd :) :) (out of 30+) overall. He was chuffed.

Good for you finding that glove and cheering up your son.

Have a good Sunday.

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Confession. I had Splenda yesterday...

Great day at the gym this morning. Squats, deadlifts, rope climbs and standing overhead presses. Felt good but no new PB today. Friday is my "heavy" day.

Meal 1: Stir-fried carrots, celery, mushrooms, cabbage, and onion topped with 3 eggs fried in ghee. Black coffee. And no Splenda! :)

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Confession: my coffee has artificial flavors in it. Not happy or proud, but gotta drink it up. :unsure:

Thanks Laura! I promise I still believe in staying compliant. It remains the goal to strive for. But in all honesty, I have no health issues, I feel good, I don't suffer noticeable consequences when I off-road (although hidden consequences are still there I am sure) and I am eating so much better (and consistently healthy) than I have in a really long time. And my lifelong scale obsession is pretty much gone except for momentary reappearances. Makes it tough to get too upset over a packet of Splenda although had this been Whole30 #1 instead of #3 I probably would have skipped it. The rest of the day I had eggs, coconut curry seafood soup, beef jerky, roasted pumpkin seeds, chicken and apple sausage with cabbage, etc. Still an awesome eating day. And fyi - I put about an ounce of pomegranate/cherry juice in my Gingerade Kombucha last night. Wow was that good. I buy the Gingerade by the case, but adding a splash of no-sugar added juice or a squeeze of lemon juice mixes it up nicely for me so I don't have the exact same thing every night.

I am sort of excited the weather is getting colder. It makes it so much easier for me to curl up with some herbal tea and my Kindle in the evenings. I finally started reading my first new non-healthy book in months yesterday and really enjoyed it.

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Stressful day yesterday. Not managing stress as well as I would like lately. Off-roaded last night. Not angry. A little bit disappointed though. I am ending this Whole30 #3 attempt and returning to my "ride my own bike" log in the Post Whole30 section.

I am pleased that my eating is better than a few weeks ago which was the whole point of starting this Whole30 a week ago. Made some awesome Well Fed chocolate chili that we all enjoyed for dinner last night. It was after dinner that I got into trouble. I gave in and ate some chips and wholly guacamole, plus some cereal after dinner. And a few glasses of wine. My weekend and Monday stressed me more than they should have. I am working on developing new strategies to reduce the recent stress. Last night I wanted to comfort myself after a bad day and chose to do so with some carb snacks and wine. Crunchy snacks relieve tension for me. Not a great choice, but at least I recognize it. I did not binge however which was good. I was in complete control of the situation and simply didn't choose to stay compliant. I understand my reasons, it was not a compulsive uncontrollable thing, just not the best choice for dealing with the way I was feeling.

I plan to continue exclusive Whole30 eating until Thanksgiving although it won't be an "official" Whole30 experience. The biggest difference with my "unofficial" version is that I won't obsess about a drop of canola oil on something or choosing grass-fed butter vs. ghee, etc. I will do an official Whole30 again after Thanksgiving.

Returning to my Post Whole30 log here...

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Glad you can recognize your stress eating. Another confession: I am using my W30 as a crutch to keep me from eating and more specifically drinking my stress with my dad. It is so easy to use them as comfort and you are not alone in doing so. I think it's great that you are able to recognize the stress of the strict W30 being a negative component of your life right now. It can definitely feel obsessive or overwhelming to have everything perfect. You are way beyond where you were this time last year, so keep it up!

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Thanks for your continued support Ladies! I really appreciate it.

Derval congrats on your Whole30 ending!

Laura - anything that helps you deal constructively with the stress of your Dad's health issues is great. I can definitely understand your use of the Whole30 to prevent using alcohol to deal with stress. If my life were as stressed as yours right now, that would be a super healthy thing for me to do. I remember when my father was very ill the months before he passed and after he was gone, I began to eat less and less out of depression. I got very thin and somehow found comfort in restricting my food. In an odd way it was as though I tried to punish myself and focus on that to escape from the reality of what was going on around me. It was a crazy way for me to "hurt" without spending all of my days crying. It only lasted a few months and my husband and good friends were supporting me to make sure I was really ok. The Whole30 might take a similar role in your life. It fills your thoughts with something positive, something other than your father's health, and makes you feel good physically which helps you stay positive and deal more constructively with the situation. Not trying to be depressing here, but I just had a flashback of my Dad's final week. It was pretty tough as he couldn't communicate with us anymore. We knew he would be gone soon, but we just sat around day after day waiting for it to happen. Somehow there were four adults in the house, my Mom, my brother, his wife and me, and we ALL kept doing Sudoku puzzles. My mom had a lot of the puzzle books in the house and I think I bought a couple too. For hours every day we all seemed to have our heads buried in those darn books. I thought it odd that we were so addicted with them, but then it became clear to me that we all wanted an escape from reality and it really did seem to help. Maybe next time you feel overwhelmed or stressed, maybe you should try one of them! A bit frustrating to do them, but they are great time killers and they occupy your mind. Either that or try "Move the Box" on your phone. OMG that puzzle game swallows my time when I play it. :)

My stress right now is pretty temporary. Just feeling down about some things, but positive about working through it all. I had a very bad day today when someone unexpectedly got very angry with me over what I still believe was not a valid reason. Still surprised by the whole thing and after some back and forth exchanges I can step back and see what I have to do about the situation to move on. Tough day but I am thankful for the new perspective I have about it.

The strictness of the Whole30 got me back on track even though I only stayed totally compliant 5 or 6 days. I was eating for comfort too much the week before. This failed Whole30 attempt was enough of a reset for now and today was pretty good. I had eggs and stir fry veggies for breakfast, chocolate chili (along with some very non-compliant rice chips) and guacamole for lunch, and steak, green beans and sweet potato for dinner. Will probably have some wine tonight to relax. It is a crutch for me at times, but I feel ok right now about it because again I know it is a very temporary response to life. In this particular instance, I don't see it as a lousy coping mechanism. Wine every night would be a very poor choice and I definitely don't feel the desire to do that or to numb myself. Right now it is simply taking the edge off an infrequent tough day. I am starting back to my every day exercise on November 1. I did it from January 1-September 30 faithfully. Then illness and stress kicked in and I let myself ease up this month. I continued with my trainer 3x/week though and occasionally took additional walks. Decided to give my body a whole month of easing up to allow some rest but I am ready to get back to a little more frequent and challenging exercise routine.

Last post on this log. Will post on my Post Whole30 Log again tomorrow. Bye!

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