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I am day 23 of the Whole 30.  I am beginning to feel extremely discouraged. I have yet to experience even one NSV. I realize the Whole 30 isn't a competition; my husband is rockin' his Whole 30, and has experienced multiple NSVs. But, it also seems like every day we have the "I miss {insert food, social events, convenience} conversation or the "When we reach day 30 I'm going to have {insert food or drink}" conversation.  

I have a condition called POTS (Postural Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) symptoms of which include: fatigue, headaches, lightheadedness, vertigo, heart palpitations, nausea, diminished concentration, Raynaud's phenomenon, chest pain and shortness of breath. While I am lucky and don't suffer quite as bad as some POTS patients, but they still do occur and disrupt my daily life. I began this journey to see if eliminating sugar and carbs would reduce some of my symptoms.  I feel the same as I did before.  I'm always hungry.  My stomach is constantly bloated.  I'm pretty sure I have gained weight.  My PMS symptoms are still just as bad.

I guess I am looking for some sort of "I feel ya" or "It gets better."  If it wasn't for my husband doing this diet with me I would probably throw my hands up and partake in a greek yogurt.  

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Instead of giving in and quitting, you came to the forum and asked for help.  That's a NSV right there.  :)  

Sometimes, it takes longer than 30 days for symptoms to subside, and sometimes, an illness/syndrome is one that isn't affected by diet.  But please do know, that by eating real, healthy food, that even though you may not be seeing the symptoms lessening yet, that you're doing nothing but good for your body.  You are improving your health, and you are doing a wonderful job.

One of the mods, or another member may be able to give more specific advice here, where I can't.

I just wanted you to know that people here do care.  :)

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If you would like some directed feedback about what you're eating, please post two or three days of your meals including portion sizes based on the template,  specific protein, veggies and fats, fluid intake and anything else you feel may be important. 

As far as whether your POTS diagnoses is playing into things taking longer to get going for you, absolutely it probably is.  You list quite a wide range of symptoms and for every symptom, your body has to manage it... 

I also wonder how much fruit, nuts and snacking you're partaking in because that's often the cause of still wanting XYZ food... 

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Breakfast: (2) eggs, apple and banana with almond butter
14 oz of coffee
Lunch: spring mix salad, 1/4 boiled chicken breast, 10 cherry tomatoes with homemade herb vinegarette
12 oz of coffee 
Dinner: Red meat and veggies

Breakfast rarely changes and lunch rarely changes (I'm one of those "if I like it, I'll eat it forever" people.)  My husband is a meat and potatoes guy, so we've switched to a meat/potato/veggie dinner every night.  Although, we've had a lot of spaghetti with squash. 

I might have a cutie orange or a couple of shelled nuts for a snack. As long as my stomach is growling and water doesn't fix it.


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At first glance, this is what stands out to me. Your breakfast doesn't follow the template: its light on protein and missing veggies. Also, all the fruit in the morning may be feeding the sugar dragon and making you hungrier later. 

Your lunch seems pretty small. Is 1/4 chicken breast a palm size serving? How substantial is your salad? 

Are you adding fat to your dinner time meal?

If you are hungry between meals and need a snack, it's recommended that you eat a mini meal that follows the template. Fruit is not a recommended snack. 



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