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Post workout meal and regular meal confusion.

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I am on day 8 of my 2nd round of Whole 30 (first round was August 2016).   The first time I did the Whole 30 I was not exercising daily as I was in the middle of unpacking when we moved into our new home.  A 20 minute walk with the dogs was the most I was doing in terms of 'exercise'.  The pre/post workout meal was never on my radar.  This round I am working out for roughly an hour in the afternoons at 4:30pm.  I rotate weekly between HIIT on the treadmill, hot yoga, weight training and rock climbing.    

My first meal of the day is at 7am, second at noon and I have the pre-wo meal at 3:30ish to prep for my workout.  I am getting stuck on the post workout meal and dinner.  I know, according to the meal template, that the post workout meal is a bonus meal and not meant to replace dinner, but honestly I end up eating my post workout meal around 6 and I'm done for the night.  This meal has the recommended amount of protein and carbs (usually yams or squash, no fruit) and some greens and is eaten within 30 minutes of the end of my workout.  I can't bring myself to eat again later in the evening, especially when I go to sleep at 9pm and prefer not to have a full stomach.  I am not snacking between meals or at night.  I know this is happening because of the time of day I am working out, but it is the best time for my schedule during the work week.  

Is it ok for me to be replacing dinner with my post workout meal? 

On weekends, when my schedule is more flexible, is there recommendation of how much time should be between a post workout meal and a regular meal such as lunch or dinner?

Thanks in advance.  :-)

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7 hours ago, Canndito said:

his meal has the recommended amount of protein and carbs (usually yams or squash, no fruit) and some greens

What sort of volume are you eating?

You could stick to just a lean protein eaten AS SOON AS you're done.  That should still allow some room for dinner.

The HiiT (depending on intensity) & Hot Yoga days you could probably do without, but I'd say you'd need the protein after weights (if they're heavy?) and Rock climbing... The fat in a regular template meal will slow down absorption of nutrients and could prevent muscle protein synthesis so otherwise you're denying your muscles the opportunity for growth & repair.

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