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Hi all! 

I have a question concerning SWYPO. 

I am a fan of N'oatmeal - link HERE - which is like cauliflower cooked with coconut milk and eggs, etc.  

Anyway, my question is - is this considered SWYPO?  I didn't really care for oatmeal before trying something like this and only turned to it to help me eat more vegetables in the morning. And assuming I made it with out the sweetener, would this be ok?

The reason I ask is because - like i said - the purpose of eating this is not to "remake" oatmeal but to eat more vegetables.  However, i mean, it' called "N'oatmeal". 

Thanks in advanced! 

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It does resemble oatmeal but the N'Oatmeal title muddies the waters. SWYPO is a swapped out version of the real thing. I call them SWIPE'O's.

The end result looks just like oatmeal and it's a tad labor intensive process to recreate this dish. I vote, yes.  SWYPO.  

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