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21 days in....and need to start over


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So today was day 21. And I blew it. This past week was hard for me--harder than my first week, but yesterday was wonderful. Then today, I just made crappy choices. It's not like I have some big excuse, or justification, I just chose it.

I am pissed at myself. Last week I had suspected that I was going to need more that 30 days to resolve my issues, so I don't know if that had something to do with it--as in me thinking well I will need to do more than 30 days so screw today. I don't know.

I went to Diane Sanfilippo's book signing yesterday and left there excited and motivated. Then today....I blew it. I feel like a hypocrit. Like I don't deserve the paleo cookbooks in my kitchen, or like I don't deserve a paleo board on Pinterest. Even though I know NO ONE is perfect 100% of the time but to blow it 21 days in is so crappy.

Just feeling bummed. But I am ready to jump back on tomorrow. I say tomorrow bc I am done eating for today. But if I did eat tonight it would be on plan. I have to get back on it right now.

Oh, and I have a headache. What a surprise. Not.


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I jumped in to Whole30 before even reading through all the instructions, and now looking back, I realize I made so many mistakes in food choices, I can't count it as a real Whole30. But I learned so much from that experience that it convinced me to make lifestyle choices I would not have dreamed of a few months ago. The value of a Whole30 is in the journey of learning and making lifelong adjustments, not in the molecules you consume within the 30 days. Do a new Whole30 to give yourself the sense of accomplishment, but give yourself credit, too, for all the wonderful lessons you have already learned along the way and the future of good health that you have to look forward to. Good luck!

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My first few days post-Whole 30 went like this:

Day 1: dairy as I was supposed to

Day 2: Halloween candy (I should've known one piece wouldn't be possible for me)

Day 3: Zucchini bread (2 big slices), birthday cake (2 big slices). Ugh.

Day 4 (today): Back onboard with a strict Paleo. I'm NOT going back to where I have been.

It's possible. You got this. I'm seriously done with grains, except on VERY rare occasions (like my kids birthdays). May do a little dairy, otherwise.

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