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Started yesterday! (June 22nd)


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Hi W30 community

Started the program yesterday. I wanted to do this mainly to drop loose some of the weight I gained since high school, find a way not to get any bigger while my leg is healing from surgery (2 month recovery time <_<)  and not be constantly tired for my 9am summer classes.

I already miss sugar. And desert. Its going to be hard breaking the ritual of dinner then desert. I also go to bed very late because of all the homework I have to do so I tend to get really hungry, even 2-3 hours after eating dinner. I usually would make myself a bowl of cocoa krispies but yesterday I had turkey chipotle mayo wraps instead. That seemed to work okay.

Pride parade weekend is saturday and sunday so I'm anticipating having a really hard time because all my friends are going to get smashed so i'll be their sober babysitter all weekend. I feel like I won't have as much fun.

How is anyone else going to handle pride with friends who want to drink?

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There are plenty of sober people who have just as much fun, if not more, than their drunken friends.  You're making an investment into your future health and Pride weekend comes around every year, so you can get smashed next year with them... unless of course you realize that it's more fun to remember what happened and not feel like a trash fire the next day... Drinking IS fun... the way that I avoid social drinking 99% of the time is to remember that I have too much to do the next day to lay in bed all day feeling like death warmed over...

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